What is CGM and its feature?

The Need for Monitoring Glucose Levels

The monitoring of sugar levels plays a vital role in diabetes management. It is integral in ensuring glucose levels are within a reasonable range to avoid complications. If left unchecked, the complications can lead to other diseases such as heart disease or hypertension, in which diabetes is at a higher risk.

CGM Monitors

The Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System is one of the most beneficial innovations in healthcare technology. The constant monitoring of glucose levels results in immediate notification of a spike or drop in sugar levels allowing you to take proper precautions or insulin. Freestyle Libre 2 CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring System works with the help of a tiny sensor inserted under your skin. CGM systems provide a much-detailed picture of glycemia in diabetic patients. You can record glucose levels every 15 minutes for up to 14 days with the help of CGM monitors.

Abbott's Freestyle Libre 2

Abbott's Freestyle Libre 2 is a revolutionary CGM Monitoring device. The sensor does not require a physician to operate and lasts up to fourteen days. The Freestyle Libre 2’s reader can store data of your blood glucose for up to 90 days, and the sensor itself can store data for up to eight hours. Finger sticks are needed if your glucose alarm and reading symptoms do not match or when you check your blood glucose symptom during the first twelve hours.

Freestyle Libre 2 Comes with the Following Features:

  • Sensor:

    A small wire is placed under your skin behind the abdomen or arm and is responsible for measuring blood glucose levels every minute or five minutes.

  • Transmitter:

    A sensor is a wireless component that sends blood glucose levels to a receiver, reader, or smartphone app.

  • Recipient:

    Also called a reader and it is a separate device that displays data from a sensor.

Benefits for Freestyle Libre 14-day sensors are applied to two 14-day sensors every month. The benefits of Freestyle Libre 14-day readers apply to a 14-day reader. False where prohibited by law. Abbott may modify, recover or revoke these benefits at any time without notice. Offer for commercially insured patients only. List of competitors competing for the Freestyle Libre 14-day system based on price comparison of the CGM Device. The actual cost for patients depends on the amount covered by the insurance, which may or may not be lower than other CGM Monitor.

Indications and Important Safety Information

The Freestyle Libre 14 day Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is a Permanent Glucose Monitoring device designed to manage diabetes in people 19 years of age and older. Interpreting system readings should be based on glucose trends and multiple sequential readings over time. This system is designed for use by a patient and requires a prescription.

  • Do not ignore symptoms that may be more or less due to low blood glucose, hypoglycemics ignorance, or dehydration.

  • When blood glucose symptoms appear, check the sensor glucose readings with a blood glucose meter, when symptoms do not match system readings, or when readings are suspected to be incorrect.

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Remove the sensor before MRI, X-ray, CT scan, or any diathermy treatment

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