Does diabetes cause high blood pressure?

High blood pressure and diabetes are often interconnected. Both mainly occur together. If you are someone with diabetes, the chances of getting high blood pressure are double. The causes of high blood pressure and diabetes are often the same. the following can lead to both diabetes and high blood pressure:

  • High fat or high sodium diet
  • Obesity
  • Chronic inflammation
  • No activity
  • And the risk factor for blood sugar level is more complex with diabetes. If you have a high blood sugar level, it can damage your blood vessels, the ones responsible for the heart pump. Because high blood pressure will increase the strain on your blood sugar levels and heart, if both conditions occur in the same person, the risk of heart disease is more.

    Diabetes and Hypertension

    Other than that new continuous glucose monitors with real-time glucose readings tell you about the overall details on your sugar level which is not just helpful for the improvement in diabetes but your overall health will improve by getting detailed analysis on your lifestyle, which include everything from diet to your daily workout sessions. How do they exactly affect you?

    What exactly a continuous glucose monitor is?

    Diabetes and increased blood pressure are often together. This fact means the conditions happen simultaneously or one after the other. One-third of the USA population is affected by hypertension. Two out of every three diabetics have high blood pressure or take blood pressure drugs prescribed by their doctor. Adults with diabetes are roughly twice as likely as those without diabetes to die from heart disease or stroke.

    Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Complications

    Both illnesses can have significant health repercussions if left untreated or unchecked. Heart disease, cardiac arrest, strokes, peripheral artery disease, and kidney problems are examples.

    1. Cardiovascular problems

    Iillnesses of the circulatory system refer to cardiovascular diseases. Diabetes and high blood pressure complications can lead to atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure.

    2. The disease of the Peripheral Arteries

    The hardening of arteries in the legs, arms, head, or belly is a peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Pain and neuropathy can result from reduced blood flow from the heart to other body regions

    3. Kidney Failure

    High blood sugar or blood pressure can induce stiffness and narrowing of the blood vessels in the kidneys, resulting in renal disease. The kidneys get weaker as a result. Constriction of blood vessels limits blood flow to the kidneys, causing injury. When blood arteries are injured, they cannot filter and eliminate fluids and wastes. An accumulation of fluid in the body can raise blood pressure, leading to further kidney damage.

    Prevention and Treatment

    Diabetes and hypertension can both control by altering one's lifestyle. An individual with these problems, for example, might benefit from a change in diet, beginning a workout, stopping smoking, and decreasing weight. May prescribe medication in some instances. Knowing you have high blood pressure is the first steps toward treating it. It would be best if you also understood which range is healthy for you. You can speak to a doctor to attain hypertension goal after these readings. If you have high blood sugar, you must also know of your numbers. You should be mindful about blood glucose levels and the target range.


    There is no one-size-fits-all method to managing high blood pressure through food. Meat your blood glucose level goals with freestyle Libre 2 and use meal plans that emphasize the quantity and quality of carbohydrates. On the other hand, it can help you regulate your blood sugar can also read out article on best foods for diabetes.


    Exercise aids in managing blood glucose, and you can track any changes in the blood glucose level on your CGM device. When the sugar levels are in a safe range, high blood pressure keeps improving too.
    Exercise will help you in:

  • Keeping your heart healthy
  • assisting you in maintaining weight in a healthy range
  • Increasing insulin sensitivity increases glucose utilization.
  • Stop smoking

    Get the help you need to quit smoking whether you have diabetes, hypertension, or both. Quitting smoking can improve your overall health and make managing your problems more manageable.
    Smoking makes diabetes control more complicated since it:

  • Inflammation will increase
  • increases your bad cholesterol.
  • Increases blood pressure
  • The oxygen delivered to your organs will reduce.
  • Obesity Control

    Slight weight loss can help to improve blood glucose levels significantly. For persons with diabetes, losing weight offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Insulin sensitivity is improved.
  • Inflammation will reduce
  • Improves blood vessel health
  • Takeaway

    While diabetes and hypertension are together, having one does not guarantee the other. Can manage both the problem and the consequences. Minor modifications can even avoid or reverse certain illnesses in some situations. Consult a licensed dietician or certified diabetes care and education specialist and your healthcare physician. Use freestyle libre 2 for the complete data on your blood glucose level, which could be an excellent method to get the help you need to achieve your blood glucose and blood pressure objectives.

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