What is the difference between CGM and BGM?

The Freestyle Libre 2 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System scans your glucose levels continuously throughout the day and night. It can alert you if your body glucose level goes too high or too low. A blood glucose monitor (BGM) measures glucose levels at a single movement at one time.

CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

CGM Monitors work through a small sensor that enters your skin. Don't worry; Sensing is painless. It comes with a spring-loaded applicator that quickly attaches the sensor to the back of your arm. Freestyle libre sensor measures intermediate body glucose levels.

It is the level of glucose in the fluid between the cells. FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) reads your glucose measurements and automatically sends data to your phone or tracking app.

BGM (Blood Glucose Meter)

The blood glucose meter (BGM) works in a variety of ways, including taking blood samples. To use BGM, you lick your finger using a finger stick and put a drop of blood on the test strip in BGM. BGM then measures your blood glucose level, which is display on the screen of the measuring device.

As mentioned, a CGM measures glucose levels in the intracellular fluid. In contrast, a BGM measures your blood glucose levels. Because they measure glucose levels in two different areas of your body when taken together, the results will not match.

A FreeStyle Libre 2 (CGM) records continuous measurements as it enters your arm directly and can wear for two weeks at a time. In contrast, blood glucose monitoring is only capable of recording snapshots promptly. So, it is not possible to see trends in glucose fluctuations throughout the day.

There are many benefits to using CGM device, including:

  • Able to make informed decisions about maintaining a balance based on your food, physical activity, and stress levels in real-time based on the glucose level response. Less invasive because fingers do not require consistency, which is significant when using BGM.

  • Experiencing low glucose-related emergencies, like an Abbott Freestyle Libre 2 CGM device, can predict lower blood glucose 20-30 minutes before blood glucose is present

Maintenance of Blood Glucose Level.

Maintaining blood glucose is significant to keep your body healthy. Glucose is essential for metabolic health as it is a primary energy source. Nowadays, keep blood glucose levels within a normal range is very important. Glucose levels change throughout the day. Exercise, hormones, sleep patterns and medication, and your diet also affects your body's glucose level. There is a possibility that you may be unaware of glucose intolerance, which can lead to serious health problems if not checked. (88) million American adults (one in three) have the predisposing disease, but 84% of them don't know they have it!

If you develop intolerance to glucose, your pancreas still produces insulin. But it is less effective at removing blood sugar. It means that your blood glucose levels remain high due to your insulin resistance. People with poor glucose intolerance have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Abbott freestyle libre provides you best glucose monitoring tool.

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