The benefits of optimizing your lifestyle with CGM Monitors

Have you ever thought about the effects of your food on blood glucose levels? Or why on some days you feel more energized than others?
Have you ever eaten something that affected you in a manner that ruined your whole day? There are so many foods that generally make you feel low on energy or good at it. You know what is happening with your body. The good news is you can have the insights before anything alarming happens by getting the reaction of each food on your body and blood glucose level.
Anyone using a CGM Device to keep track of their blood glucose level to prevent it from rising to any unsafe levels is getting far better at avoiding such complications and helping you de l with diabetes in a better way because they know what should they eat and what food should avoid based on the reaction of the food in the fast and an essential thing is you will be able to check your blood glucose level any time of the day, you dint have to check your glucose level by pricking your finger every time and the hassle of waking up at night from sleep and check the blood glucose level is gone with the freestyle libre 2

What is a healthy diet for you? Your CGM Monitor will tell you

Your glucose levels are going to tell you a lot about what is food affecting you so you can take care of yourself, your; lifestyle, and your overall life.
Have you ever heard about the quote which days your body is what you eat? Do you feel this statement is legit? Well, you should actually because it is, and the people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes have to take special care because of the post-meal spikes in the blood glucose level.
CGM Monitors will help you in healthy regulation of glucose by achieving the best diet and not just the diet but your whole day activities, work, sleep, or anything that affects your glucose level. Three key objectives should meet by a diet that optimizes glucose levels:

  • reducing post-meal surges
  • Maintaining a reasonably small and appropriate range of values
  • Maintaining fasting glucose (measured after no calories consumed for at least 8 hours) at a safe level.

Variability in your blood glucose

If the variability in your blood glucose level is high, which means if your blood glucose levels are rising and dropping quickly, it can damage the blood vessels and leads to some severe complications like damage to your nervous system.
The reason for getting the variability in your blood glucose level is your lifestyle. Another factor that can be why you are resistant to insulin is the variability in increasing your glucose level. It will rise and drop more after the meals or any heavy workout, so it is not just about increasing your blood glucose level. It is also about the increase in variability. You want the best health for you, and CGM Monitor will be helping you attain that.

There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" diet.

The evidence shows that there is no one-size-fits-all diet that will help you manage your glucose levels. Neither the carbohydrate content nor the glycaemic load/index of a food can accurately predicts a person's reaction to a real-life meal. Standardized grading systems, such as GI, are insufficiently individualized. Furthermore, these measures ignore genetics, weight, sleep quality, stress levels, gut flora, insulin sensitivity, and dietary combinations, impacting glycaemic response. So, how can you figure out what diet is best for you? It' straightforward, but it necessitates the use of data and analytics. An ideal diet reduces post-meal glucose spikes, lowers glycaemic variability, and keeps fasting blood glucose in a healthy range.

CGM device can help

CGM can help you achieve these goals. You can measure post-meal spikes, glycaemic variation, and fasting glucose in an accurate, customized, applicable to real-life, and practical with CGM (particularly when combined with software to interpret the data). It's not enough to read nutrition labels. Freestyle Libre 2 CGM can give you more control and authority over your health and well-being while also taking the guesswork out of your diet.

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