Best CGM Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices 2023

These options are available if you consider switching to a continuous glucose monitoring device.

Monitoring blood glucose is recommended for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. It’s an integral part of everyday life. But few things you must keep in your mind. Traditional blood glucose meters can be painful as you manually check your blood and prick your fingers. If you are looking for something more convenient, there is an option. The continuous glucose monitor (or CGM) is designed to be worn for long periods and can be used over a prolonged period, which can be used to check your blood sugar levels in a way that is as easy as checking your phone. You can wear continuous glucose monitoring devices on your stomach or arm. They can be used to monitor your diabetes and help you make informed decisions.

Dr. Rebecca Fenichel is an endocrinologist at Westmed Medical Group. Favini stated that the Freestyle Libre is a great tool for monitoring glucose levels. Continuous Glucose Monitoring devices are built for those patients who wanted to monitor to blood sugar more frequently on daily basis without the need of pricking their fingers.

A regular glucose meter is available for purchase by anyone. However, a CGM system will require a prescription from your doctor. Doctors may recommend a continuous glucose monitor device for your specific health conditions and lifestyle. However, it might not work for everyone’s diabetes care plan.

Continuous Glucose monitoring devices can give you and your doctor additional information about your blood sugar levels than a standard glucose meter. For example, the device will alert you if your blood sugar drops too low. Fenichel indicated that such a method could be extremely useful in helping patients avoid hyperglycemia. They can tell you what your sugar level is and whether it’s on the rise or down.

We’ve consulted Fenichel and other doctors to find the best continuous glucose monitoring devices in 2022. Talk to your doctor to discuss diabetes monitoring options and to create a plan to ensure the best possible health monitoring.

Abbott Freestyle Libre

For those who don’t wish to pair their monitor with a phone

Fenichel recommends this meter, which was previously suggested by Dr. Nate Favini (medical lead for forwarding). Favini explained, “For people who want deeper insight into their sugar levels, I will frequently recommend the Freestyle Libre for continuous monitoring.”

You can monitor your glucose levels throughout the day by placing a sensor on your wrist. It will allow you to understand why your sugar levels fluctuate. Many people are surprised to discover that even foods they thought were healthy for their sugar levels can cause spikes. Although continuous glucose monitors can be more costly, they can help determine what foods and exercises are best for your health.

The Freestyle Libre can quickly scan your blood sugar using the CGM device. You can set Optional alarms to alert you if sugar levels are too high or low.

Dexcom G6

The best CGM to pair with iPhones or Apple Watch

Dr. SteadyMD’s Josh Emdur shared his thoughts. “CGM Data” provides actionable insights to assist patients in tracking their glycemic effects on dietary choices, exercise, and dietary intake.

You don’t have to scan your glucose levels manually with the Dexcom G6. Instead, you can get a wireless reading from a designated receiver device, your Apple Watch, or your phone. The Dexcom G6 monitors your blood sugar levels every five minutes. You can create a custom range to determine where your blood sugar should be. You will eventually get notified if it falls within the low or high ranges.

The Dexcom G6 is a device that connects to insulin pumps and allows patients to shut off their insulin when they are low. Fenichel also says that the Dexcom monitor has been approved for pregnancy. It provides continuous monitoring that you can view on your smartphone at all times.

Eversense CGM System

Long-term continuous glucose monitor

Eversense is an excellent option for diabetes management. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require you to re-insert for 180 days. A healthcare provider will insert the sensor, and you can place the transmitter above it.

The sensor can be left in place for up to 180 days without needing to be replaced, a very long lifespan. The transmitter can notify you if your sugar levels are too high or low. You can also receive wireless readings to your smartphone via an app. You can monitor your blood glucose data, which can be observed by your doctor and anyone else who needs to see your readings.

The Guardian Connect System

It helps you understand how your habits impact your blood sugar.

Guardian Connect System, a CGM, can quickly tell you your glucose levels via an app. It also allows you to easily access data and trends about your blood sugar over time. The Guardian’s “predictive” alerts about sugar are a unique feature. The Guardian’s technology, unlike other CGM systems, predicts when your sugar will rise or fall before it happens. The Sugar.IQ Diabetes assistant app is also included with the monitor. This app uses your data to help determine what diet, exercise, and insulin work best for you.


The purpose of this article is education or information about Continuous Glucose Monitoring System developed for diabetic patients.. It is not meant to be a diagnosis or treatment. Ask a qualified medical professional if you have questions or if you want to know how to get better.

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