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Regular exercise is helpful for those with type 2 diabetes in controlling their blood sugar and weight. It may also help you live a longer, healthier life by decreasing cardiovascular risk factors and improving your general health and well-being. Numerous benefits of becoming in shape have nothing to do with weight. However, a regular fitness routine is essential for long-term success. Have no idea where to begin? The following are some workouts that might assist you in your quest to become physically healthy.


Studies have shown that almost 50% of persons with type 2 diabetes also have arthritis. Both conditions include obesity as a common risk factor. Diabetic neuropathy, a disorder that occurs when nerves are lost, may also cause joint pain in people with type 2 diabetes. Avoid high-impact activities like running if you suffer from painful joints in the lower body. Cycling is a good example of a low-impact exercise that might help you reach your fitness objectives.


Exercises performed in water are also gentle on the joints. Examples of low-impact exercises that work the heart, lungs, and muscles include swimming, water aerobics, aqua jogging, and other aquatic sports. The same 2017 research indicated that water exercise had the same beneficial effect on blood sugar as land-based exercise.

Team Sports

Joining a leisure sports team may help you stay motivated to exercise if you have trouble doing it on your own. It’s possible that having friends to hang out with and devotion to your team will keep you coming back week after week. Aerobic exercise may be obtained by participation in several forms of leisure sports. You may play a game of ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, softball, couples tennis, or even a few tennis games.

Aerobic Dance

Joining an aerobics or other workout class might also help you achieve your goals. Furthermore, after 16 weeks of Zumba lessons, women with type 2 diabetes reported increased motivation to exercise. Aerobic fitness was increased, and participants shed pounds.


Lifting weights and engaging in other forms of muscle training can raise your resting metabolic rate and hence the number of calories you burn each day. It’s a good idea to take a weightlifting class or see a personal trainer if you’re unfamiliar with the proper form and technique for lifting heavy loads.

Resistance Band Exercises

You can build muscle without lifting weights since there are other methods. Similarly, resistance bands may be used for many exercises designed to build muscle and strength. Therefore, consult a fitness expert, enroll in a resistance band class, or watch a resistance band training video to learn how to safely and effectively use resistance bands in your exercise routine. Besides, a 2018 study found that resistance band training not only improved participants’ strength but also had a small but positive impact on participants’ ability to maintain stable blood sugar levels.


Calisthenics is a method of exercise in which the participant uses just their body weight to build muscle. Moreover, common calisthenics routines include pushups, squats, lunges, and crunch. Besides, if you want to build muscle, it’s best to target all of your main muscle groups with your strength training, whether you use weights, resistance bands, or just your body weight. Then, experts recommend resting your muscles daily between strength training sessions to allow optimal recovery.

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