Why does blood sugar level require insulin? And how can we manage with CGM Monitor?

An important part in people with diabetes is insulin therapy whether you are facing type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes because it plays a very important role in your blood sugar level to stay in safe ranges

How important is insulin for the body?

The importance of insulin in your body can be understood better in the people with diabetes because of the all the complications they face in the absence of insulin it helps in:

1. Regulate blood glucose levels:

After eating your food, it breaks into glucose, important for body energy. then it enters your bloodstream now if here if your body is not producing enough insulin the blood is not able to remove excess amount of sugar which leads to some serious health issues.

2. Storage of glucose:

If the insulin is high then your body is able to store extra glucose in the form of energy in the liver or muscle in the form of glycogen so whenever the insulin levels are low your body is able to use the stored amount of energy but with diabetes, your body is not able to store it, there is no enough insulin that is the reason you might feel hungry all the time or low on energy.
The glucose level keeps raising in diabetes if you eat you can see it with your Freestyle Libre 2 CGM the reason is low on insulin to help move the sugar into the body.in the case of type 1 diabetes, they produce very less or no insulin but in people with type 2 diabetes, their body doesn’t use the insulin properly.

Insulin Treatment:

Patients with type 1 diabetes need to take insulin on a daily basis, often up to four or five times. They may utilize a pump to supply insulin, in which case a new cannula (a very small plastic tube) is inserted underneath the skin every 2 to 3 days.Freestyle Libre 2 helps a lot in managing your blood sugar levels through food, and physical exercise to reduce insulin therapy but when the medication and pills are no longer successful at controlling blood glucose levels, patients with type 2 diabetes may need to start using insulin.
It can be daunting to have to start injecting insulin. Injecting insulin,on the other hand, is far less difficult than most people believe. There are a variety of devices that can help in insulin delivery. Pen needles, like cannulas, are extremely fine. People who require insulin frequently feel better once they begin.
If you must begin using insulin, your doctor and diabetes nurse educator can provide education and support. They will instruct you on:

  • Your insulin's type and action
  • How to inject insulin when, where, and how to rotate injection sites
  • Where to get insulin as well as how to keep it safe
  • How to deal with low blood glucose
  • Your insulin's type and action
  • Who will help you adjust insulin doses if you keep a record of your blood glucose and insulin doses?

Insulin doses are rarely the same as when you started. Your doctor or diabetes nurse educator will assist you with insulin adjustments. Blood -glucose monitoring and recording is an essential part of insulin adjustment.
Learning how to calculate carbs and match the insulin to the food you consume is the best method to control type 1 diabetes. Mealtime insulin dosages may vary from meal to meal and day to day based on what you consume you can get the complete analysis on that with the help of Freestyle Libre 2.

Insulin Security:

Use insulin only if:

  • Clear insulin has become hazy; cloudy insulin contains lumps or flakes; or insulin deposits are evident on the interior of the vial, pen fill, or cartridge and it can be removed by gentle rotation
  • It has reached its expiry date because it has been frozen or exposed to extreme heat.
  • If a vial, pen fill, or cartridge has been used and has been out of the freezer for more than one month, it must be replaced.

Take away:

  • People with must take insulin every day, sometimes up to four or five times.
  • In order to inject insulin, you can use a syringe and needle, an insulin administration pen, or an insulin pump.
  • Your doctor or diabetes nurse instructor will teach you how, where, and when to inject insulin, as well as how to safely store it.
  • It may take some time, even with the assistance of your doctor and a diabetes nurse educator, to find the correct insulin daily dosage to decrease your blood sugar levels to your target levels.
You can manage the intake of insulin by constantly getting data on your blood sugar level with Libre 2 CGM. You can get your Freestyle Libre 2 CGM easily by contacting us.

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