Best Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices 2022 - For Monitoring Sugar Levels

A quick view of the overall best Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) device

Best for people looking for no finger pricks: Freestyle Libre
Best with accuracy rate: Dexcom G6
CGM with longest-lasting the most: Eversense
Best for detailed blood glucose trends: Guardian connect system
The number of factors you should consider before getting a continuous glucose monitoring system varies according to person to person, we can’t just post something and generalize that for everyone with diabetes the main purpose of continuous glucose monitor is to make the life with diabetes easy for you if you are not getting the suitable device how it will make a difference.
The best person to tell you this is your doctor. How often you should check your blood glucose level depends on

  • Which type of diabetes do you have
  • The medications you are on currently
  • Your diet details
There will be doctors recommending you check your glucose level once a day at the same time, few physicians will consider continuous glucose monitoring more reliable throughout the day.

Each individual and situation is unique and can be changed over time.

There are so many options available in the market, that considering one for you can be challenging, let us break down the details of a few best continuous glucose monitoring devices so you can discuss the option with your doctors before choosing any

1. Freestyle Libre:

If you are looking for something that is painless and at the same time you will be getting the reading on your blood glucose level continuously freestyle libre is the best choice for you. Freestyle Libre can be used by wearing it on your arm the single sensor of libre is good to go for 14 days.

What has included: one Freestyle Libre reader and two sensors


  • No fingerstick required, continuously monitoring your blood glucose level
  • If your doctor recommends keeping a check on your glucose level it is something that will be helpful


  • The reading is not consistent
  • The irritation of the skin may occur in a few individuals

Want to order it?

2. Dexcom G6

If you are someone who prefers consistency over anything and accuracy does matter a lot to you.
you may consider the continuous glucose monitor from Dexcom G6. wear it on your abdomen, the information on your sugar level will be sent to the app that can be installed on your smartphones. Users mostly complain about the life of the sensor which has a life of 10 days and needs to replace after that

What is included: skin sensor, a transmitter, and an auto applicator


  • Readings are accurate
  • It works with insulin pumps


  • The sensor needs to change frequently

3. Eversense

Here is a case you are someone who needs a continuous glucose monitor with the longest sensor life you can go for Eversense CGM. It measures the glucose level by the interstitial fluid by wearing it on arm like a Freestyle Libre. Some people receive sensitivity alerts when wearing in sunlight

What is included: implantable transmitter, sensor, and mobile app


  • The sensor can go for 90 days without changing them
  • Details alerts


  • You can’t change the sensor at home, a doctor's appointment is necessary
  • False alerts in direct sunlight

4. Guardian Connect system

Your major preference is more details on your overall glucose data and trends you may consider continuous glucose monitoring from Medtronic. It is also wearable on your arm like freestyle libre and Eversense. The guardian connect provides you time in range data which can help you get a clear picture of your glucose trends. One of the main drawbacks is the age restriction. Kids below 14 can’t use the CGM from Medtronic.

What is included: sensor, the transmitter, insertion device, and a charger


  • Blood glucose level range is shown throughout the day


  • The sensor needs a change every 7 days
  • Kids with type 1 diabetes can’t use it until they are 14
  • It is expensive

Wrapping it up:

  • The features you are looking for
  • Your budget
  • Your preferences in painless, more portable device, accuracy and vice versa

The above-given options both offer benefits and some limitations. You can choose one according to your needs and discuss it with your doctor.


Yes, you may need a prescription from your doctor on your condition to get any available Continuous glucose monitor on the market.

Yes, you can check it with your health plan and if your insurance doesn’t cover it, you can check it with your doctor or the pharmacy to get the available discounts.

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