Difference Between Freestyle Libre 14 Day & Freestyle Libre 2 - CGM Monitors

Should you switch to the new freestyle liber 2 system? there is something about all these updates and upgrades that always makes someone thinks is the new technology better or has something you never have had before, is there something you are missing on? So, if you are wondering whether you should switch to the most upgraded CGM monitors from abbot freestyle liber let us help you make a decision. And if you are new to the continuous glucose monitoring read our article What is CGM System to have a better understanding of CGM

Before we discuss the difference between Freestyle Libre 14 Day & Freestyle Libre 2 - CGM Monitors first have a look into the similarities:

• For calibration, no fingersticks are required.
• Blood glucose should be checked every minute, for a total of 1,440 measurements each day. This is the most daily readings of any CGM now available on the market. That's five times the number of glucose readings compared to competing brands.
• Sensors that are thin and small. Each one is roughly the size of two US quarters stacked. When compared to other brands, these are the thinnest sensors. The sensors' low profile keeps them from interfering with your daily activities.
• Life of the sensor is 14 days. Sensors should be replaced less frequently.
• Over the course of 14 days, the sensors maintain a high level of precision.
• Sensors are usually attached to the upper arm's back.
• Sensors that are water-resistant and can be worn when swimming, showering, or exercising.
• Glucose fluctuations are depicted by trend arrows, which can be utilized to prevent any alarming change in the blood glucose level.
• glucose finger testing meter to check the reading of your CGM


After having a convenient method of checking your blood glucose with freestyle liber for 14 days. Here you have an option in the form of Freestyle libre 2 which will help you to keep an eye on your blood sugar level in real-time.

It's everything right here.

Some features you were missing before the freestyle libre

• 14-day precision that is unmatched.
• audio alarms and notifications: the notification in the form of audio alarms will help you stay tuned with your blood sugar level.
• accuracy ratio: now you don’t have to counter-check the readings with strips.
• approved for children: the freestyle liber 14 days was good for the adults that are 18 or above on the other hand the freestyle liber 2 has been approved for the children age 4 or older.
• Reader Memory: reader memory is better and now it is blue in colour instead of black
• Application compatibility: application is compatible with iOS 14 or more.

Why you should switch from the freestyle liber 14 days to the FreeStyle libre 2?

When it comes to the health of the human being, I guess no one wants to be a tortoise in the race everyone wants the best for them and their loved ones. The results you will be getting are unmatched by the all-time new technology in the CGM available in the market right now. And the most important thing is the management of your health which is improved and more precise.

Ready for the next step:

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And let us handle the rest

The future (the FreeStyle Libre 3 system):

The interesting thing about not being satisfied is how you always have more ambitions to attain. Although there is no such thing as a top of a mountain, there is always another mountain to climb.

As a result, we just keep going up and up and up. The freestyle libre 3 will be available in the coming few months with the world’s smallest, thinnest, and most accurate continuous glucose monitor.


Yes, you can change the alerts any time of the day through Bluetooth connectivity.

The cost of the freestyle liber 2 is the same as the freestyle liber 14 days, and so is the size.

It is far more accurate than the freestyle liber 14 days.

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