Does Medicare Cover CGM devices (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) Such as Freestyle Libre or Dexcom G6

Buying a CGM device make sure your CGM device is covered by the insurance. CGM Monitors help people in getting better at managing diabetes on their own by a painless method that doesn’t require much effort from your side you just have to wear the device and you are good to go you can check your blood sugar levels any time of the day using a CGM device for some time can improve your overall health the only hurdle between you and an easier life is the cost of CGM device which can be covered by the Medicare.
If you already have insurance for your CGM Monitor that is a great thing but if you are looking to get the health insurance so you are in a win-win situation because you are not paying the complete cost of your CGM Monitor out of your pocket but Medicare will be covering it till 80 percent which can be helpful as the sensors of CGM device.

Medicare is covering freestyle libre 2

The Freestyle Libre is one kind of CGM device that Medicare may fund in some circumstances.
CGM device have been covered by Medicare under Medicare Part B for some time. Part B of Medicare includes outpatient services as well as some home medical devices. CGM If you choose to use a CGM Monitors instead of a normal blood glucose levels monitor, it is covered under Part B coverage for durable medical equipment (DME). you will be covered. The decision to use a CGM device instead of a standard blood sugar monitor should be made jointly by you and your doctor.
CGM Monitors may make blood sugar monitoring simpler and more efficient than older approaches.
The FDA has approved a specific brand of CGM called the Freestyle Libre. Medicare decided to cover the gadget shortly after it was approved by the FDA.

The Freestyle Libre 2 CGM has the following features:

  • Calibrating at the factory
  • There is no requirement for the blood sample to calibrate manually, which reduces the need for routine finger sticks.
  • Unlike other models, no transmitter is required; instead, a reader and sensor sensors can be self-applied to a back of the upper arm without interfering with commonly used over-the-counter medicines such as acetaminophen. Real-time blood sugar level monitoring.
  • Allows you to see blood glucose level trends for the previous 8 hours To be covered by Part B's DME rules for the Freestyle Libre, you must:
  • Pay your Prat B premium every month.
  • You are taking insulin 3 times a day
  • Visiting your doctor every 6 months
  • Fulfill your annual Part B deductible
  • Obtain a Medicare-eligible physician's prescription for the CGM device.
  • Meet certain device coverage criteria.
  • Order the gadget from a Medicare-approved supplier.
  • Pay your portion of the Medicare-approved equipment cost.
  • If you do have a Medicare Advantage (Part C) plan, your coverage will at the very least mirror that of Medicare Part B.
    Medicare Advantage is a private insurance plan that combines original Medicare coverage with support facilities for a fee.
    Costs and services, and where you can get care or obtain supplies, fluctuate amongst Medicare Advantage plans.

Dexcom g6 Medicare coverage

If you are wondering that either the CGM Monitor from Dexcom is covered by Medicare then the answer is yes you will be able to get the coverage of Dexcom G6 with Medicare if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes you will be able to yourself at ease by getting insurance on your CGM device.

Dexcom g6 coverage criteria

Medicare patients can get the CGM device on insurance if they meet certain criteria below:

  • You have diabetes
  • You are under the treatment for insulin
  • You need constant changes in the insulin based on your CGM or BGM testing results
  • You have to meet your doctor every six months regarding your diabetes management Another requirement to qualify for the Medicare coverage for the Dexcom G6 is a receiver compatible with Dexcom G6 if you have any alternative device Medicare will not cover Dexcom G6 supplies Medicare will not cover the patients that use a smartphone or any other devices also the insulin use is necessary to get the coverage.
You need constant changes in the insulin based on your CGM or BGM testing results  You have to meet your doctor every six months regarding your diabetes management 

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