Can you manage diabetes without insulin? 5 things to know

When dealing with Diabetes, an essential treatment is insulin therapy; you get some insulin through an insulin pump or insulin pen, or maybe alternatives. People with type 1 diabetes need the insulin to manage the Diabetes because their body is not even making any insulin. On the other side, some people with type 2 diabetes are managing their Diabetes without taking any insulin because you can order without taking the insulin from outside simply by some alternative medicine, and most important is the lifestyle. If they live a healthy lifestyle, they can work it without using insulin by taking some other medications.

Lifestyle is the most important.

There are people with type diabetes without taking any medicine just by taking care of their overall lifestyle with freestyle libre two by watching out for what they eat in the whole day and keeping track of their blood glucose level. However, if you need medicine, you still have to manage your lifestyle.
Here are a few things that will help you manage your Diabetes

  • Taking care of your diet
  • Do some workout every day
  • Focus on muscle-strengthening activities
  • Taking care of your diet
  • Your sleep cycle should be good by taking enough sleep

Freestyle Libre 2 will help you a lot in each thing by letting you know how each change is affecting your blood glucose level.Also, try to avoid smoking or quit it to prevent complications.

Injectable medicines

It's not just the inulin that is an injectable medicine. Your doctor can also prescribe you some other medications, such as the GLP-1 receptor, which you need to inject to help your blood glucose level stay in a normal range after you eat your food.
It depends on a specific kind of medicine. You might need to inject the medicine daily or weekly. Your doctor will tell you exactly when you need to take medication and how to handle it; you can also learn from them how to safely inject your own medicine.

Side effects of some treatments

Some treatments can have some side effects. It can be medicines or other treatments. Whenever you start taking a new medicine, you have to make sure that it's something that wouldn't harm you by discussing the benefits and the side effects. It would help if you told your doctor about any specific condition that might affect the medicines.
Surgery can potentially cause complications, such as infection at the incision site. Ask your doctor about the possible benefits and dangers before undergoing any procedure. Discuss the recovery process with them and steps you may take to lower your chance of post-surgery issues.
Contact your doctor if you think you've experienced side effects from your treatment. They can assist in identifying the cause of the symptoms. They may change your treatment plan in some circumstances to help lessen or prevent adverse effects.

Treatment can change over time:

Your health and treatment requirements may change over time. If lifestyle changes and other drugs have failed to control your blood sugar, your doctor may prescribe insulin. Following their treatment plan can assist you in managing your disease and reducing your risk of problems.


Type 2 diabetes has a wide range of treatments. Speak with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns regarding your current treatment plan. They can assist you in comprehending your options and devising a strategy that works for you.
Freestyle Libre 2 will help you get into a healthy range of your blood glucose level by telling you how each food is affecting you or in how manner so you can stay cautious next time about the things that cause complications in the past. it will tell you about the food effects on your body, or your workout is changing the level of your blood sugar level-so its more manageable this way to deal with your Diabetes.
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