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Skin Grip Original-Freestyle Libre 3 Adhesive Patches




Skin Grip original Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patches offer reliable protection and security for your Freestyle Libre 3 sensors. These innovative adhesive patches are designed to keep your sensors firmly in place, ensuring accurate readings and preventing accidental dislodgment during daily activities.

With Skin Grip, you can confidently monitor your glucose levels without worrying about sensor detachment or discomfort.

Features of Skin Grip Original Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patches

Secure adhesion

The Skin Grip original Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patches are crafted with a strong adhesive that ensures a long-lasting and secure attachment to your skin. You can trust them to stay in place.


Skin Grip uses hypoallergenic and latex-free materials, making them suitable for users with sensitive skin. You can wear these patches without worrying about skin irritations.

Precise fit

Each patch is custom designed to fit the Freestyle Libre 3 sensors perfectly. The precision cutout ensures that the sensor remains unobstructed for accurate glucose readings.

Highly flexible

Skin Grip original Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patches are breathable and flexible, providing comfort throughout the wear time. You can move freely without feeling restricted.

Easy application

The patches feature a user-friendly application process that does not trouble you much. Additionally, they are designed to be easily removed without leaving any residue on your skin.

How to Apply Skin Grip Original – Freestyle Libre 3 Adhesive Patches?

Applying Skin Grip Original Freestyle Libre 3 Patches
Here are few easy steps:


Before applying the patch, ensure the application site is clean, dry, and free from ointments.


Gently peel off the backing from the Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patch, hence you can expose the adhesive side.


Carefully align the patch with your Freestyle Libre 3 sensor, making sure it covers the entire device.


Firmly press the patch onto the skin, to adhere it well to the device and the surrounding area.


Follow the procedure for activating your Freestyle Libre 3 according to the Abbott guidelines.

Skin Grip Original-Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patches benefits

Whether you enjoy sports, exercise, or any physical activity, Skin Grip freestyle libre 3 adhesive patches provide the stability you need to maintain an active lifestyle.


Skin Grip original Freestyle Libre 3 adhesive patches are the perfect companion for Freestyle Libre 3 users seeking enhanced sensor protection and stability. With their advanced features and benefits, these patches ensure accurate glucose readings, longer sensor lifespan, and peace of mind during your daily activities.

Embrace an active and confident lifestyle with Skin Grip, your ultimate solution for Freestyle Libre 3 sensor security.


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