Best Medical Insurance Providers in the USA

Top Medical Insurance Providers in the USA

If you are born with diabetes 1 or diagnosed with diabetes 2 the very first thought you will be getting in your mind is about all the expenses you have to spend in order to deal with it because it is not just for a day or two it will stay with you for a longer period 
So, do you want a health insurance company or direct insurance that provides a high standard of care and affordable insurance while you can’t really find perfection in any insurance company, we will help you find the one that will work best for something you are actually looking for about the smart insurance and affordable insurance by considering your objectives and needs like insurance companies near me, wants and budget 
Here are top insurance companies who will help you in your diabetes journey and will take care of are expenses you will have to face in order to get all the latest equipment, continuous glucose monitoring CGM Monitors, and the expense you have to deal with after every few days that is something about the sensors for your CGM Monitors lets go through some of them together so you will have the idea what will work best in accordance to your needs by looking at all the pro and cons of it.

United healthcare 

The Medicare advantage plan will allow the clients to use the CGM Monitor system to track their blood sugar levels.


Have a vast network of physicians (1.1 billion) healthcare workers and hospitals (more than 3000).
People with diabetes often suffer from obesity too the United States support weight loss by providing wellness program with rewards if you reach your health goals
The insurance is global.


In some cases, patients have to submit the claims themselves

Kaiser Permanente

The ones who meet the criteria will be getting the coverage of Continuous glucose monitoring CGM device supplies 


Among medical professionals, the collaboration is centralized so they can coordinate a treatment
When diabetes started getting on your nerves and really causing you some issues that are mental health-related you can just open the emotional wellness and mental health apps calm and MyStrenth
There is the availability of remote monitoring technology that will let the doctors examine the patients with diabetes


Service coverage is just available in California, Oregon Virginia Washington, Georgia, Hawaii Colorado, Maryland, and the District of Columbia


Aetna covers the cost of CGM Monitors on a prescription and proper documentation.


There are walk-in clinics for patients in some states There is a plan which offers discounts up to 20% on CVS and other health care products


There is a requirement of the letter from your practitioner in some services Healthcare providers Outside of network plans will not be covered Personal health care plans only available in four states like ACA


Humana health plan covers the Continuous glucose monitor CGM device in their health insurance plan and other supplies for diabetic people from Accu-check and OneTouch


You will be getting more freedom to choose healthcare providers in the insurance company The facilities are of the high quality


The procedure can be extensive.
There will be no subsidies that will be offered by the company.


Medicare Medicare provides the supplies for diabetes management including the continuous glucose monitor CGM system the test strips the lancets and other control solutions. The treatment you will receive will not include any up-front payments or bills. Some prescription costs will be covered by the pharmaceutical benefit Scheme (PBS)


The wait times are long  You can’t really make a decision or choice about your doctor or hospital There will be a Medicare levy surcharge you are subjected to


So many pharmacies in a network that are more than 67000. There are more than 175000 behavioral health and mental health providers are in the list. The relationship at the global level with the health care providers and clinics is more than 1.5 million 


The family and personal plans are only offered in 13 states There is no service of virtual health care in any plan

BlueCross BlueShield

Another insurance that provides the health plan which includes the continuous monitoring CGM system and other supplies for glucose level management.


The coverage of service is available in all 50 states Puerto Rico and Washington The network of doctors and hospital are more than 1.7 million


It consists of independent companies that are 35 in number so they all can have different procedures and policies In case you move to a different state your insurance with BlueShield insurer may change


So here is the list of some of the best insurance companies with all the possible pros and cons which can be changed in the future because every firm is striving for change and improvement for now choose the one which is best for your needs and wants so you don’t have to face any problem in future or to switch to the other insurance companies


Health insurance will allow the expense of medical care so you will not be paying the complete cost out of your pocket for the treatment.

You have to look into a few important factors and the most important one is the location also consider how often you will be using the healthcare services and finally look at the rating of customers satisfaction to determine what you will be getting in future 

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