Type 2 diabetes: managing with technology

There are no doubts here that type 2 diabetes is a condition that will stay with you for your whole life.
You will have to keep an eye on what you eat and everything you do which means your complete lifestyle depends on it if you want to stay in the healthy ranges of your blood sugar level you will have to take care of each external factor.
Then the treatment you will need to know what and how much insulin you need ad the timing of the insulin too to stay fit and healthy
The technology made sure that you don’t have to go through it alone there are so many gadgets and devices available to help you in your journey they surely will make a difference by making it easier for you to manage diabetes.

Here are some technologies for type 2 diabetes:

There are so many options available in the market, that considering one for you can be challenging, let us break down the details of a few best continuous glucose monitoring devices so you can discuss the option with your doctors before choosing any


If you are dealing with diabetes for some time now you know that glucometers are the most important thing also known as a glucose meter. It is quick you will know your blood sugar level after a quick fingerstick.
But the need to prick your finger each time to get the idea about your blood glucose level is quite irritating and painful at the same time so there is upgraded technology in the form of CGM Monitor from abbot freestyle libre 2.
You need to consider these factors before buying a glucometer:

  • Look at the display, is it easy to read and understand? so you wouldn’t have any problem getting a reading in the night-time.
  • Watch the buttons are they easy to push
  • The size of the meter is good for you.
  • Will your insurance cover the strips for the test? Because most of the time the meters are free but test strips are not.
  • Sharing the data Is easy or not 
  • Are you able to make notes with every reading? 
  • Are you able to track other things? like your carb intake, insulin, or effects of exercise.
You can prefer what is on main priority for you, is it the money, accessibility, or something else.

What has included: one Freestyle Libre reader and two sensors


In the era of all these modern apps helping you with so many life chores either something related to entertainment or the health-related things, there is an app that can help you manage your diabetes and:

  • It will help you in tracking your blood sugar level
  • Can track you your diet
  • Monitor your workouts
  • Mental health and wellness
  • Community for support
  • An online health care professional
By far all the apps are good some of them a can be used for free some are the premium ones with monthly yearly charges.
All the social media sites like Facebook Twitter or Instagram have some support group where you can join talk to other people about their experiences and share your journey
If you are using any CGM device it will have its app like freestyle libre 2 the ap iCGM will help you a lot to get through the journey or the ideal app libre link will help you a lot in the fitness department
If I talk about my kind of app, I would suggest something should be there if you take a picture of your app, you can see how many carbs are there (hey developers, are you listening?)

CGM Monitors

After hearing about the Dexcom and Medtronic continuous glucose monitor I was quite impressed with all the ease they provide recently I have met a fan of freestyle libre 2 who surprised me by telling me about the improvement in his A1C
Freestyle Libre 2 has two parts the sensor and the reader want to read more about freestyle libre
You will discover so many things about your health and body what are the factors that have an impact on your health whenever you eat out or cook food for yourself you will be able to analyse the complete data

Other technology and gadgets:

Some other tech products can help you so much in dealing with diabetes like insulin pens, fitness trackers, or insulin pumps
An insulin pen will help your body to utilize the medicines correctly there are fitness trackers in the form of a watch or something else that will tell you about your movement throughout the day they can also monitor heart rate and about your sleep cycle too

Wrapping it up:

The final suggestion would be don’t be afraid of trying something new maybe there is something that will help you in managing your diabetes but it is not useful for someone else because every individual has different needs

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