Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 1 diabetes is a condition that mostly starts in childhood when the cells in the pancreas are destroyed which is responsible for the removal of excess glucose from your blood. Insulin does help in converting sugar into energy for the body.
When there is no insulin, sugar builds in your blood which leads to some very serious complications so to avoid any kind of problem a person must take some insulin from outside for the rest of his life.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes:

Diabetic symptoms include:

  • increased urination and thirst
  • increased appetite
  • fatigue
  • eyesight problems
  • pain or numbness in the hands or feet
  • wounds that refuse to heal
  • undiagnosed weight loss

Type 1 diabetes symptoms can appear suddenly, within weeks. Type 2 diabetes symptoms often appear gradually over several years and are so minor that you may not even recognize them. Some people don't realize they have diabetes until they start experiencing symptoms like vision problems or heart problems.

Let’s Just Discuss Some Other Type 1 Diabetes Symptoms too:

Feeling thirsty all the time:

People with type 1 diabetes feel the constant urge of drinking water this symptom is because the kidneys need to remove the excess sugar in the blood so in the procedure of removing the sugar through the kidneys there is not enough water left in the body which makes you thirsty or the urge of drinking water again and again to prevent dehydration.

Extreme weight loss:

One reason for weight loss in the people with symptoms of type 1 diabetes is the frequent urination because of excess urination the calories are removed but there is a major factor that causes this unintentional weight loss is high blood sugar levels all the time makes you won't eat more to get the energy from your food and your body metabolizes that fat you are getting out of your food to energy. if you are on a healthy diet your freestyle libre 2 will tell you your health details and how the food is affecting your blood glucose level overall.

Different skin problems:

When all of that glucose is distributed in your blood, the blood circulating in your whole body will lead to some skin changes the people with type 1 diabetes symptoms have poor blood circulation so the bacterial infection chances are high you can get the fungal or bacterial infection very quickly as compared to the normal people or any common fungal infection like a yeast infection in women or athletes’ foot, ringworm and jock itch you can see the babies will have diaper rashes. The cure of these conditions is very slow because the wounds take so much time to heal and at the same time they can spread to other parts of the body.
Some other type 1 diabetes symptoms:
If you are someone with untreated type 1 diabetes there are some other complicated symptoms too like

  • Losing consciousness
  • Having fruity breath
  • Mouth is dry
  • Diabetic coma

People with type 1 diabetes also get low sugar levels when the blood glues level decreases suddenly. Loss of consciousness or having a diabetic coma when the sugar level is low and if someone is not even diagnosed with the condition and does not have any kind of symptoms, diabetic coma can still occur.

What is the Reason to Get Type 1 Diabetes?

There is no doubt that type 1 diabetes can occur at any stage of your life so many cases are diagnosed daily most of them are very young mostly under the age of 19.
The most you are prone to develop the type 1 diabetes in your childhood and the next stage is when you hit puberty there is no specific discrimination in the symptoms or causes of type 1 diabetes both in males and females the symptoms are the same and the effects are equal and family history is something that increases an individual’s risk to develop type 1 diabetes Management and treatment:
You need to consistently and constantly check the amount of sugar in your blood and Freestyle Libre 2 CGM is telling you the exact details of your blood sugar level it will tell you the exact effects of your diet, workout, or how daily routine things are affecting your blood glucose level at a different time of the days you can rely on it and cam forgets about using the fingerstick method every time to get to know your blood sugar level now you got the control in your own hands with the most reliable CGM Monitors in the market with the life of 14 days each sensor, Freestyle Libre 2.
You can also read the detailed article about the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes and how you can manage it.


Yes, this is true but the risk is not high there is no doubt that type 1 diabetes symptoms are genetic but the percentage of people developing diabetes as kids is 3% to 6% and varies with age.

No, the freestyle libre has customized alerts so you don’t have to check it every time it will alarm you about any unsafe levels of your blood sugar level.

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