What effect does coffee have on and blood glucose level?

Your food choices affect your blood sugar level in so many ways. Whatever you are eating can be responsible for changing the blood sugar level in your body, so choosing what you are eating and drinking is an important decision but is more crucial for people with diabetes. So many people around you usually start their day with coffee. The most basic thing to start your day with is that caffeine has properties that can help you stay awake the whole day. Coffee has caffeine in it and so many other things in it that can have some positive effects on your body and mind. Still, people with diabetes have to think twice whenever they decide to intake. After all, in the case of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, coffee has the power to make it even more complicated for you to deal with diabetes because certain food can be responsible for further complications in managing diabetes.

Coffee and diabetes

Coffee has some effects on your blood sugar level. It depends on what kind of coffee you are having. If you have a cup of plain coffee, it can’t directly increase your blood sugar level. It is safe to say that black coffee will not spike up your blood sugar levels.
But some research shows that it has a bad effect on your insulin level, leading to some complications in people with diabetes.

Effect of decaffeinated coffee

It is said that caffeine can cause some problems by hampering insulin sensitivity other properties of coffee can cause some positive effects.
You can consider decaffeinated coffee as the best option for you with diabetes.

Coffee effects with add on

There are so many varieties of coffee, so you have to be mindful while choosing one for you, even if you are a healthy individual. All the lattes in coffee or different syrups are very popular, but they can also cause some problems.
With diabetes, you are always advised to avoid sugar, but if you crave syrups in the coffee, you can choose to go for less quantity by choosing smaller cups.
The trend with the lattes in coffee, with a lot of milk, has sweetener too, and the milk used in lattes is usually full-fat milk which can harm your diabetes.


No meal or supplement provides complete protection against type 2 diabetes. Suppose you have prediabetes or are at risk of developing diabetes. In that case, the best strategy to lower your risk is to lose weight, exercise, eat a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet and monitor the effect of each change with your Freestyle Libre 2 CGM.
Taking up coffee to prevent diabetes will not ensure a positive outcome. However, it might not cause any trouble if you currently drink coffee. It is critical to remember that coffee containing sugar or creamer might cause blood sugar levels to rise. The healthiest method for a person with diabetes to drink coffee is black or a natural alternative sweet.
Reduce the quantity of fat or sugar you add to your coffee. Talk to your doctor about diet choices, exercise, and the consequences of coffee use.

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