What is a CGM device, and how can it benefit your health?

You want no guesswork when you are dealing with diabetes because believing in your gut feeling can be right on so many things. Still, if you are kept on thinking about your blood glucose level, this might cause further problems related to your health, both physically and mentally.
Having a CGM Monitor with you can help you in so many ways related to the ups and down on these are not the only benefits you are getting with the CGM device. This article is all about the benefits you are getting with Freestyle Libre 2 CGM

What is CGM Monitor?

CGM device is not just an accurate method on your blood sugar level, but it is also the easiest and most advanced way of checking what is going on with your body with every change in your lifestyle, whether it is something with the diet plan or workout Freestyle Libre 2 CGM will be giving you complete insights on your blood sugar level Checking your blood sugar level with a fingerstick is a time taking and comparatively long procedure. It also takes some extra effort from your side, including pricking your finger and getting so much blood out and feeling slight pain in the package.
A CGM device will give you accurate insights into your blood sugar level after every few minutes, and you can check it every time you want to while you are wearing it.
The freestyle libre 2 comes with two sensors. Each sensor has a life of 14 days which means you do have to go every other day to buy the supplies for the device. Your CGM Monitor is working fine for the next 28 days. The transmitter sends your blood sugar level data to your mobile device or the monitor.
Libre 2 CGM will allow you to share your blood sugar level data with your doctor or any family member in case of an emergency.

How does a CGM device work?

While there are numerous CGM Monitors on the market to pick from, here's a breakdown of how they usually work:

  • A small sensor is placed just beneath your skin, generally on your abdomen or arm. The CGM Monitor comes with an applicator that makes this process quick and straightforward. CGM will stay in place with the help of tape.
  • The sensor measures the amount of glucose in the fluid beneath your skin. Freestyle libre 2 takes readings every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • All CGM Monitors employ a transmitter to remotely communicate data from a sensor to a device that displays your blood sugar levels.
  • The sensor sends blood sugar readings to either a portable device called a receiver (skin to a cell phone), an app for your smartphone, or an insulin pump.
  • You can download CGM device data (real-time blood glucose, trends, and history) to a computer. Some CGM Monitors will continuously send data. You also can share the information with your service provider.

Benefits of CGM device

Using a CGM device can help you make it easier for you to manage your diabetes, both type 1 and 2 diabetes; it helps a lot to understand your blood sugar level trends. Following are some benefits of using a Freestyle Libre 2 CGM

  • You will be aware of your blood glucose level highs and lows
  • It will reduce the fingerstick tests
  • Eventually leading to more precise self-care
  • Providing you with a more comprehensive view of how diabetes impacts you
  • Improving your overall health
  • Making it easier to manage diabetes

Freestyle libre 2 improving your overall health

Freestyle Libre 2 CGM will be your partner in managing diabetes by engaging you with the level of your blood sugar level that a how a specific meal, an intense workout, or your last night's sleep is affecting your glucose levels in the present which will allow you to make changes in your lifestyle by adding the habits that worked best for you and avoiding the ones responsible for creating further problems it.

Physical health

Each change will improve your health by dealing with diabetes in the best way possible. Diabetes has both short and long terms affect s on your body. It can lead to further health-related issues like cardiovascular disease or the condition of neuropathy. By managing your diabetes in the best way, you will be able to stop different health problems.

Mental health

Continuously thinking about glucose level or what if the blood sugar rises or falls below the safe levels, you allow your brain to constantly worry about something, leading to severe mental health problems that can lead to the onset of anxiety and stress or even depression. By using Libre 2 CGM, you will be getting the details on your blood sugar level every 15 minutes. You don't have to put further effort into doing a finger stick. Using CGM Monitor can improve both your physical and mental health overall.You can get yourself Freestyle Libre 2 CGM by simply reaching out to us at CGM Monitors.

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