How it works

How to apply the sensor?

1- Apply the Sensor

Wash, Clean, and Dry Select a site on the back of your upper arm. Clean skin with non-moisturizing,fragrance-free soap and water. Use an alcohol wipe to remove any oily residue and let air dry.

2- Open Applicator

Unscrew cap from applicator and placesensor over the back of your upper arm.

3- Apply

To apply the sensor, press firmly and listen for the click. Pull back slowly after a few seconds.

How to start you new sensor

  1. From the app’s* Main Menu (  ), tap Start New Sensor.
  2. Scan the sensor by touching it with the top of your smartphone. You’ll receive a tone and vibration when you’ve successfully started it.
  3. The sensor can be used to check your glucose after a 1-hour warm-up period.† You will automatically receive a notification when your sensor is ready, if notifications are turned on.

Remove and Replace Your Sensor

1- Remove Sensor

The sensor is designed to stay on for up to 14 days. The app will notify you when it’s time to remove it. Pull up the adhesive edge that keeps it attached and slowly peel from your skin in a single motion.

2- Replace Sensor

Apply the new sensor to a different spot on the back of your arm to avoid skin irritation. Switching arms with each new sensor can help.

3- Sensor Disposal

Dispose of your sensor following all applicable local regulations related to the disposal of electronic equipment, batteries, sharps, and materials potentially exposed to body fluids.