ILet Bionic Pancreas – No carb countings

iLet Bionic Pancreas

First, let’s give a recap to anyone who can’t remember what are insulin pumps and how they work.

Well, insulin pumps are used to administer insulin doses. These pumps work in place of insulin injections and we can say that these pumps have minimized the hassle of injecting insulin, especially for those who are suffering from type 1 diabetes and require insulin twice or thrice every single day.

Usually, these pumps deliver insulin using a small plastic tube. It’s worth noting that insulin pumps inject insulin directly into our bloodstream, so the process is quite effective.

Just so you know, there are some tubeless pumps as well, like OmniPod 5 G6 which are available in CGM Monitors’ inventory. However, the new iLet Bionic Pancreas comes with a smart algorithm and many people are finding it useful so let’s jump into its details.

What is iLet Bionic Pancreas?

It’s an insulin pump that uses a smart algorithm and does not require you to keep calculating your carbs. Instead, only tell iLet if the meal you are going to take has less or more carbohydrates than you usually consume and it will automatically determine how much insulin to inject. And yes, whether your sugar goes high or low, your iLet will cover you in both cases.

Remember that you need to have insulin available in the cartridge. Otherwise, iLet would not be able to inject insulin doses.

No more Calculations before Meals

Simply enter your meal announcement into the system and inform iLet if the amount of carbs you are going to consume is more or less than your usual carbs intake. This smart insulin pump will use this information and inject insulin accordingly.

In case you forget to enter this meal info:

In this case, iLet shall communicate with your CGM (Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G7) and give you the insulin dose accordingly. However, please note that you may experience high or low sugar levels in this case for a longer time as compared to if you have already informed iLet about this meal.

Do NOT announce after you have already consumed your meal, because this may result in overdose of Insulin.

Can I change the insulin amount myself?

No. Please note that all the doses are automatic. The iLet system keeps on learning your sugar fluctuations and will adjust the doses accordingly. You cannot change the insulin doses yourself. The maximum you can do is to disconnect the insulin pump.


Please do not trick the system otherwise this blood glucose system will get worse.

Some extremely important tips to keep in mind:

  • Choose your meal on the basis of Carbs you are going to consume and NOT on the basis of total size of the meal.
  • Remember not to give any meal announcements just to consume more insulin (when you are not actually going to have a meal). This can result in severe problems.
  • If you decide to eat more, only tell iLet about the extra carbohydrates you are going to consume and not the carbs you have already consumed.


After 30 minutes of taking a meal, your glucose is already rising and the iLet has already dosed insulin according to your rising CGM levels, even without a meal announcement. If you announce a meal during this time, extra insulin will be stacked which can result in severe hypoglycemia.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to give accurate Meal Announcements to iLet?

Do not tell breakfast while you are going to have lunch and vice versa. And only think about the amount of carbs when telling the size of your meal.

If I forgot to announce the meal before having it, should I announce it afterward?

No, iLet communicates with your Dexcom G6 or G7 in this case and injects insulin according to your sugar levels.

Can I indicate my meal to iLet as big while it’s small or vice versa?

No, always announce the meal as it is. In case of any issues, please consult your doctor.

When using ilet bionic pancreas can I regulate the amount of insulin injection myself?

No, you cannot. Do not even try to trick iLet, this will cause severe harm. The maximum you can do is to disconnect the device.

What is iLet bionic pancreas cost?

Prices may vary depending on which online or physical store you are buying it from. Ordering it from CGM Monitors will save you time and money. Plus, if you are in the US, we will deliver it for free at only $6,250.00

Can iLet work with any CGM device?

No, iLet can only work with a Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G7.

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