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Skin Grip Original-Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches




We bring you an innovative solution for enhancing the performance of your Freestyle Libre glucose monitoring system. Introducing Skin Grip Original Adhesive Patches, meticulously designed to provide secure, comfortable, and reliable adhesion for your Freestyle Libre sensor.

Say goodbye to worries about your sensor coming loose or falling off and embrace the freedom to live your life to the fullest.

Features of Skin Grip Original - Freestyle Libre adhesive patches

Superior Adhesive Technology

Skin Grip Original - Freestyle Libre adhesive patches come with cutting-edge adhesive technology, ensuring their durability. They provide an ultra-strong hold, even during harsh physical activities.

Hypoallergenic and Skin-Friendly

These patches are crafted with utmost care using hypoallergenic materials, making them gentle on your skin. Say goodbye to irritation or discomfort often associated with regular adhesive patches.

Customized for Freestyle Libre

We understand the importance of precision when it comes to your glucose monitoring. Skin Grip Original Patches are designed to perfectly fit your Freestyle Libre sensor, ensuring accurate readings.

Wide Range of Colors and Designs

Express yourself with an array of colors! Choose from a variety of options that match your style, making your Freestyle Libre sensor a fashion statement rather than just a medical device.

How to Apply Skin Grip Original – Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches?

Applying Skin Grip Original Freestyle Libre Adhesive Patches
Here are few easy steps:


Before applying the patch, ensure the application site is clean, dry, and free from ointments.


Gently peel off the backing from the Freestyle Libre patch, hence you can expose the adhesive side.


Carefully align the patch with your Freestyle Libre sensor, making sure it covers the entire device.


Firmly press the patch onto the skin, to adhere it well to the device and the surrounding area.


Follow the procedure for activating your Freestyle Libre according to the Abbott guidelines.

Skin Grip Original - Freestyle Libre adhesive patches benefits

With Skin Grip Original Freestyle Libre Patches, you can continue your daily activities without worrying about water exposure. Swim, shower, and engage in water sports with confidence.


Skin Grip Original – Freestyle Libre adhesive patches are a game-changer in the world of glucose monitoring. With their advanced adhesive technology, customized fit, and skin-friendly design, you can finally say goodbye to sensor-related worries.

Enjoy the freedom to live actively, while patches securely protect your Freestyle Libre sensor, extending its life and adding a touch of personalization. Don’t let your glucose monitoring be a hindrance; let Skin Grip Original Patches be the perfect companion for your journey towards better health and improved peace of mind. Choose Skin Grip and elevate your glucose monitoring experience today!


Black, Blue, Camo, Chocolate, Clear, Diabadass Pack, Pastels, Pink, Rainbow Pack, Tan, White, Power Pack


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