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Skin Grip Original-Freestyle Libre/Pump adhesive patches (with hole)




Take advantage of unparalleled comfort and security with Skin Grip Original – Freestyle Libre/Pump adhesive patches (with hole). They can be used for Freestyle Libre, most insulin pumps and infusion sets, MiniMed, T:slim, Medtronic Guardian, Enlite.

Designed for active individuals, parents, and healthcare professionals, Skin Grip empowers worry-free living by ensuring device stability and skin well-being. Live life to the fullest with ultimate protection and irritation-free assurance.

Features of Skin Grip Original - Freestyle Libre/Pump adhesive patches (with hole)

Exceptional Adhesive

Skin Grip's Original Libre/pump patches (with hole) feature medical-grade adhesive for a secure, durable hold, eliminating concerns of device movement during daily tasks.

Custom Fit

Manufactured for Freestyle Libre sensors, insulin pumps, and infusion sets, our patches boast precise cutouts for a cozy, functional fit that doesn't sacrifice comfort.

Breathable Material

Constructed with a gentle, hypoallergenic material, our patches promote skin comfort through breathability and improved air circulation, minimizing the chance of irritation.


Experience device security even during water activities with Skin Grip Original Libre/Pump patches. Their water-resistant nature ensures worry-free swimming, showering, and other water-based engagements.

Easy Application

Applying patches is effortless with Skin Grip's perforated backing, ensuring easy and hassle-free removal and application for a seamless experience.

How to Apply Skin Grip Original – Freestyle Libre & Insulin Pump Patches (with hole)?

Applying Skin Grip Original Freestyle Libre/Pump Patches (with hole)
Here are few easy steps:


Before applying the patch, ensure the application site is clean, dry, and free from ointments.


Step 2: Gently peel off the backing from the Freestyle Libre/pump patch (with hole), hence you can expose the adhesive side.


Carefully align the patch with your sensor or pump, making sure it covers the entire device.


Firmly press the patch onto the skin, to adhere it well to the device and the surrounding area.


Follow the standard procedure for activating your device according to the company guidelines.

Skin Grip Original - Freestyle Libre/Pump adhesive patches (with hole) benefits

Skin Grip Original – Freestyle Libre/Pump adhesive patches (with hole) comes with hypoallergenic material that safeguards your skin from potential irritations or discomfort that may arise from constant device usage.


Enhance your device usage with Skin Grip’s Original Freestyle Libre/Pump adhesive patches (with hole). Offering top-tier security, comfort, and peace of mind, Skin Grip enables you to fully engage in life while prioritizing health.

Whether for diabetes management or insulin pumps, trust Skin Grip to optimize device performance and skin health. Elevate confidence and convenience in device care with Skin Grip Original Freestyle/Pump adhesive patches. Your partner in maintaining well-being and device functionality.


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