How to Reset Freestyle libre 2 – Step By Step Guide

  • Introduction
  • Reasons to Reset Freestyle Libre 2
  • How to Reset Freestyle Libre 2 Readers?
  • How to Reset Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Applicators?
  • Freestyle Libre 3 is a better option
  • Conclusion


Diabetes is a prevailing medical condition all over the world. Diabetic patients always look for efficient devices to monitor their blood glucose levels to take appropriate medications to control them. For this purpose, continuous glucose monitoring devices have earned significant popularity in the market. Freestyle Libre 2 is a high-in-demand CGM device famous for its distinctive features. It comes with a compact sensor that the patients need to insert into their skin. The sensor measures the glucose level in your interstitial fluid and transmits the information to the reader. Wires do not bind this device. This feature makes this device highly user-friendly.

Freestyle Libre 2 is one of the best CGM devices available. However, it could be a better device. You should reset it to make it function properly. Patients need to know the right method to reset this device.

Here is a brief guide that will help you reset freestyle Libre 2 when needed.

Reasons to Reset Freestyle Libre 2

Users mostly do not need to reset the device for their whole life. However, some circumstances compel them to do so. The following are some of the most common reasons for resetting Libre 2.

Technical issues: If the reader is experiencing technical issues such as freezing, crashing, or not responding to touch. Resetting is the best option. It is because such issues usually get resolved when you reset the device.

Personal preferences: Resetting the device allows you to customize the settings and preferences according to your needs. For example, change the language, sound settings, or date and time settings.

Selling or transferring the device: If you are selling or giving away the device, resetting it ensures that your data is removed. In this way, the new user can set it up as if it were a new device.

Starting fresh: If you have been using the device for a long time and want to start fresh with new settings and preferences, resetting the device is easy. When you reset the device, it improves its efficiency to some extent and makes its functionality up to the mark.

How to Reset Freestyle Libre 2 Readers?

Users must mostly reset Freestyle Libre 2 Reader instead of the sensor and applicator. Resetting the reader of this device is an easy task to do. You can follow the mentioned steps to retune the Libre 2 reader.

  • Step 1: The first step begins with going to the home screen by pressing the home button (the button with the house icon).
  • Step 2: Keep swiping left or right until you find the Settings option, and select it by pressing the centre button.
  • Step 3: Scroll down until you find the option “Reset Settings” and select it.
  • Step 4: Confirm that you want to reset the settings by selecting “Yes” when prompted.
  • Step 5: Wait for the reader to reset. It may take a few seconds.
  • Step 6: Once the reader has reset, it will take you through the initial setup process, including language selection and the date and time settings.


Important: Resetting the reader will delete all stored data, including glucose readings, insulin doses, and sensor information. Make sure to back up any important data before resetting the reader.

Many ask, ‘How to reset Freestyle Libre 14 day reader?’.

Irrespective of how many days have passed, the steps of resetting the reader are the same. 14 days are considered to be the expiry date for sensors. It does not affect the functionality of the reader.

However, you need to pair the reader up with a new sensor after 14 days.

How to Reset Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Applicators?

Freestyle Libre 2 sensor applicator is a one-time device that cannot be reset. Once the applicator has been used to insert the sensor into your skin, it cannot be reused or reset. If you need to replace a sensor, you must use a new sensor applicator to insert the new sensor into your skin. According to local guidelines, the old sensor should be removed and disposed of properly.

Note that resetting the reader will not reset or affect the sensor applicator in any way.

Hence feel free to reset the reader without worrying about the applicator.

Freestyle Libre 3 is a better option

Freestyle Libre 2 might need to reset repeatedly. The best option for the users is to move to a better version. You can take advantage of freestyle libre 3 in this regard. It is a more accurate ass well as precise device. Moreover, it is popular for its high efficiency. Hence, you do not need to reset it again and again to improve its functionality.


In conclusion, Freestyle Libre 2 is a highly popular continuous glucose monitoring device among diabetic patients due to its user-friendly features. It does not encounter any issues, mostly. However, resetting the device may be necessary for some circumstances, such as technical issues, personal preferences, selling or transferring the device, or starting fresh.

While resetting the reader is an easy task that can be done by following a few simple steps, the sensor applicator is a one-time-use device that cannot be reset or reused. It is important to note that resetting the reader will delete all stored data, so it is advisable to back up any important data before resetting.

By following these guidelines, users can easily reset Freestyle Libre 2 and continue to monitor their blood glucose levels.

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