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Dexcom G6 Sensors 3 Pack Buy Online

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Includes 3 easy-to-wear and highly accurate CGM sensors.

Sensor Life is 10 days

Water-resistant properties

Compact design

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Dexcom G6 Sensors’ role is to monitor the glucose levels in your blood. It saves you from the painful procedure of pricking your finger to get a blood sample for monitoring glucose. This concise device requires only a small area for its insertion. 

The accuracy of these sensors stands out from other similar devices. You can get any of the Dexcom G6 Sensor (3 pack) or the Dexcom G6 sensor (6 pack). To insert the sensor suitably on the skin, you get an applicator. This applicator can be used only to insert a single sensor. 

Dexcom G6 Sensors (3 Pack) come with a packet containing 3 sensors with their applicators. The users should replace their previous sensor with a new one after 10 days. This way, 3-pack sensors allow you to check your blood glucose levels for a month.

Features of Dexcom G6 Sensor 3 pack

Dexcom G6 has advanced CGM technology that provides real-time glucose readings without the requirement for fingerstick blood testing, leading to a more appropriate and constant monitoring experience.

The Dexcom G6 system proposes precise glucose readings, which gives users sureness in their diabetes management and assists in creating informed decisions about insulin dosing and lifestyle modifications.

With a user-friendly mobile app, the Dexcom G6 allows continuous integration with well-matched smart devices, permitting users to access their glucose data suitably and discreetly.

The system permits users to set custom-made glucose aim ranges and receive customizable alerts and notices, providing timely cues and cautions to proactively manage glucose levels.

Dexcom G6 offers trend indicators and complete reports, allowing users to imagine glucose patterns over time and make data-driven decisions about diabetes management.

The share feature permits users to share their glucose data with up to 10 chosen followers, such as family members or caregivers, promoting better support and association in handling diabetes.

Dexcom G6 sensor is waterproof, permitting users to wear this device during doings such as swimming and showering, preserving continuous glucose monitoring.

Unlike previous models, the Dexcom G6 does not need any adjustment, simplifying the setup process and reducing the load on users while confirming hassle-free glucose readings.

Importance of Dexcom G6 Sensors (3 pack)

The innovative 3-pack Dexcom G6 sensor devices have earned significant popularity in the market because of their unavoidable advantages. One of the most important benefits of these sensors is they are user-friendly. 

You can easily do your daily life activities by keeping them stuck to your body. You are not required to take suitable measures to protect them. Being flexible and durable, they can easily bear your vigorous activities. 

G6 sensors avoid the irritability of pinpricks that are used in conventional glucose monitoring methods. It is the best device for people allergic to latex and adhesive chemicals. It does not cause any skin irritation and takes good care of your comfort. 

These sensors also save your cost as they can be used for 10 days continuously. On the other hand, if you go with the conventional method, you will have to purchase the monitoring strips every single time you want to check your blood sugar levels 

How to Apply CGM on Body?

Dexcom CGM system is worn on the body.
To apply it, follow these steps:


Clean the area where you plan to apply the sensor, with alcohol wipe.


Peel the backing off the sensor and press it firmly onto your skin.


Use the applicator to insert the sensor just under the skin.


Once the sensor is in place, press the start button on the sensor.


Wait at least 2
hour before using
the sensor

Keep in mind!

Patients of all ages can use their abdomen for Dexcom G6 sensor insertion. Patients aged 2 to 17 can also opt for their upper buttocks, ensuring there is sufficient padding. Locate a suitable spot on your belly or upper buttocks with some cushioning. 

Why opt for CGM monitors?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. So, we deliver original products.

Devices are packed in protected boxes for their safety.

CGM Monitors provides you with the safest payment methods you can use.

Where can I buy Dexcom G6 sensor?

Are you looking for a sustainable and long-lasting Dexcom G6 Sensor 3 Pack? You can purchase them from various shops and online stores. At CGM Monitors, we sell cheap Dexcom G6 sensors to the best of their quality. Dexcom g6 sensor 3 pack cost varies from store to store. We provide you with this device at a reasonable price. If you need to buy a Dexcom G6 sensor at a reasonable price, feel free to approach us. 


Dexcom G6 Sensor 3 Pack proposes an accessible and suitable solution for monitoring blood glucose levels without the requirement for painful finger pricks. They provide accurate readings for 10 days, saving costs compared to traditional monitoring methods. 

However, if you are interested in purchasing other innovative CGM devices, you can take advantage of Dexcom G7 sensors in this regard. 

Do Dexcom G6 sensors cause itching or any type of skin irritation when applied?

Dexcom G6 sensor kit is a device that detects glucose levels in your blood without the need for finger pricking. It consists of sensors and applicators, which are used to insert the sensors on your skin. The kit comes in a 3-pack or 6-pack, with each sensor needing to be replaced after 10 days (about 1 and a half weeks) of use.

What are the most important advantages of Dexcom G6 sensors for diabetic patients?

Dexcom G6 sensors offer several advantages. They are user-friendly, flexible, and durable, allowing you to easily engage in your daily activities. These sensors are suitable for people allergic to latex and adhesive chemicals as they do not cause skin irritation. Additionally, they eliminate the need for constant monitoring strip purchases, saving you costs in the long run.

Explain the brief yet digestible process of inserting Dexcom G6 sensors on your body?

Inserting Dexcom G6 sensors is a simple process. First, mark a suitable area on your skin for insertion, avoiding sites where you inject insulin or areas with bony structures. Then, ensure your skin is clean and dry. Open the sensor box and remove the sensor, being careful not to touch the sticky part. Place the applicator over the desired site and insert the sensor.

Where can I purchase original Dexcom G6 sensors at the most affordable rates?

Dexcom G6 sensors (3 packs) can be purchased from various shops and online stores. CGM monitors is one such store that offers this device at a reasonable price. The cost may vary between different retailers. If you’re interested in buying Dexcom G6 sensors at an affordable price, you can approach us for a reliable purchase.

Do Dexcom G6 sensors really cause skin irritation or serious dermatological problems?

No, Dexcom G6 sensors are designed to be skin-friendly and do not cause irritation. They are particularly suitable for individuals allergic to latex and adhesive chemicals. The sensors are gentle on the skin, ensuring comfort throughout the wear period. You can confidently use Dexcom G6 sensors without worrying about skin irritation or discomfort.

Is Dexcom G6 sensors durable enough to withstand vigorous physical activities?

Yes, Dexcom G6 sensors are flexible and durable, allowing them to withstand vigorous activities. Whether you’re exercising, playing sports, or engaging in other physical activities, these sensors can stay securely attached to your body. Their design and construction ensure they remain in place even during active movements, providing continuous glucose monitoring without compromising performance.

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  1. Caden Reed

    Customer service was off the charts! My old distributor ditched me for Dexcom G6 supplies and the new one didn’t even bother to follow up. I was in panic mode with just a week left before my last sensor expired. But thank goodness for CGM Monitors! Found them online, and boom! Got my new sensors in just 4 days. although I was expecting it to arrive in 2 days but that’s OK. No glucose monitoring interruption for me! Phew! 🙌🚀

  2. Amelia Scott

    We were all set for our Christmas visit to the kids and extended family, but our last G6 sensor was set to expire during the trip. We went through weeks of frustration, making countless calls and faxes to our regular supplier, insurance company, and prescriber, all in vain. It was a stressful and pointless ordeal. Thankfully, Diabetic Warehouse saved the day by overnighting a sensor pack. Thank goodness we had the cash to cover it! Phew! 🎄😅

  3. Charlotte Quinn

    Efficient and on time, but could be even better.

  4. Aiden Parker

    I was freaking out about needing a CGM for my travels, but cgmmonitors saved the day. The sensor packages arrived in less than 24 hrs with expedited shipping, and everything went smoothly. I’m beyond thankful! They worked flawlessly too. 😌👌

  5. Owen Taylor

    excellent service!

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