Dexcom G6 Sensors (6/Pack)

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Dexcom G6 sensors feature the smallest design to date from Dexcom, making them virtually invisible. These devices are made with a single piece of flexible material for greater comfort and…

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Dexcom G6 Sensors detect your blood glucose levels without pricking your fingers repeatedly. It is a compact device that requires a small area of your skin for insertion. The sensor design is such that it detects your blood glucose level from your interstitial fluid (a fluid present between your body cells). The accuracy of these sensors stands out from other similar devices. They are available in either a pack of 3 or 6 sensors. Each sensor comes with its own applicator. Once you have inserted a sensor on your skin, its applicator does not remain useable for the installation of other sensors.

Dexcom G6 sensors (6/pack) are available in two boxes, each containing three sensors. These sensors have a limited functional life. One sensor measures your blood sugar levels accurately for ten days. After that, you have to replace it. If you purchase 6/pack Dexcom G6 sensors, you can comfortably keep a check on your blood sugar levels for two months.

Significance of 6/pack G6 sensors

The importance of CGM sensors can never be denied. They are famous for their user-friendliness. You can comfortably do your daily activities without displacing or breaking these sensors. They are flexible as well as waterproof as well as do not hinder you from doing your routine activities.

They are also famous for their high accuracy. Even though it is not letting you prick your finger, it shows accurate results. This innovative technology contains significantly sensitive sensors that easily monitor your sugar level.

It does not cause irritation or itching. It is because it is made with the help of latex-free material. Moreover, manufacturers pack them in clean and sanitized packages which avoid allergens to come in contact with your skin and reduce the chances of skin allergy and infection.

How to buy Dexcom G6 Sensors (6Pack)

Many people are curious about the price of Dexcom G6 Sensors (6Pack). They seek the right platform from where they can buy these sensors. Cgmmonitors.com is always there to provide them with the best quality sensors of Dexcom G6. We allow you to take advantage of all the amazing features of these sensors at a minimum price.


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