Dexcom G6 (Starter Kit)

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This cutting-edge Dexcom G6 Receiver, in conjunction with Your Dexcom G6 Transmitter and Dexcom G6 Sensors, obtains glucose readings at a moment’s notice. The Receiver has its touch screen, taking…

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Dexcom G6 is a modern solution to your Glucose monitoring problems. This innovative device allows you to monitor your blood sugar level continuously throughout the day. Dexcom G6 Starter Kit contains three pasts. This kit comes with a receiver, a 3 Pack sensor, and a transmitter. This device gives a real-time measurement of your sugar levels with high accuracy. Now you do not need to prick your skin to get drops of blood for sugar level measurement. Their sensor is pain-free as well as user-friendly. You can wear it easily with the help of an applicator and perform your routine activities without worrying about the device.

What includes in the Dexcom G6 starter kit?

The devices of the Dexcom starter kit are compact and easy to use. Here is a list of items that this kit comes with:

  • Dexcom G6 receiver: It is similar to a small-sized smartphone. It receives the information from the transmitter and displays it on the screen. It also shows the graph of your blood glucose level trends.
  • Dexcom G6 sensor (3/pack): It is a tiny device inserted into the skin and does not take up much space.
  • Dexcom G6 transmitter: A device that connects the sensor with the transmitter via wireless signals is a transmitter. It attaches to the sensor and pairs with the receiver via Bluetooth.

Features of Dexcom starter kit

The unavoidable feature of the Dexcom starter kit makes it distinctive from its competitors. The company has made it easy for you. The kit does not contain bulky machines and wires. Here are some admirable advantages that this device provides you:

  • Eliminate the need for finger sticks conventionally used for glucose level monitoring.
  • Real-time data about your sugar level minimizes the risk of complications.
  • Easy to apply and highly user-friendly. The sensors come with an auto applicator that makes it more comfortable for you to insert them into your skin.
  • Being elastic and water-resistant, they monitor your glucose level even if you are swimming or doing vigorous exercise.
  • They have a long functional life. The sensors provide you with accurate measurements for ten days

Where to buy Dexcom G6 pro starter kit

 Dexcom G6 pro starter kits are available in various online stores and marketplaces. You can also buy it from the shops present near you. Price of this device varies from one shop to another. If you want to best quality yet affordable starter kit from a reliable platform, you can approach cgmmoinitors.com. We have exactly what you want. We provide you with these starter kits at a market-competitive cost.

Shipping details

We ship Dexcom G6 starter kits in the USA. We offer our customers two shipping options depending upon the time required for shipping.

After the confirmation of your purchase, we dispatch your order mostly in 3 to 5 business days (Monday to Friday). The client receives a confirmation mail that the order has been delivered in 1 to 3 days. However, if you do not get the email, you can check your mailer.

We also provide you with priority shipping if you ask us to. The cost for this type of shipping depends upon your order and location.



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