Abbott’s Freestyle Libre® Gets Expanded Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries

Press Release on April 17, 2023

Abbott’s Freestyle Libre® systems include the best Continuous glucose monitoring CGM devices. They include Freestyle Libre 14 days, Freestyle Libre 2, and Freestyle Libre 3. All these devices are highly famous for their accuracy in providing real-time blood glucose data to diabetic patients.

These devices play a significant role in assisting diabetic patients in managing their conditions better. Abbott is now prioritizing the user-friendliness as well as affordability of their devices for their customers.

For this purpose, Abbott strives to provide maximum benefits to freestyle Libre users through Medicare coverage programs.

Good news for diabetic patients seeking Medicare coverage! More Medicare beneficiaries than ever before having diabetes and are using insulin will now be eligible for reimbursement when using Abbott’s Freestyle Libre®, which is one of the most prescribed continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) in the United States.

  • Medicare expands access to CGM systems such as Freestyle Libre 2 and Freestyle Libre 14-day devices for Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes who are taking insulin, eliminating the previous requirement of several daily insulin injections.
  • Individuals enrolled in Medicare with diabetes and a previous record of problematic hypoglycemia may meet the requirements to receive reimbursement for using either the Freestyle Libre 2 system or the Freestyle Libre 14-day system.


Abbott is currently trying to have the newest version of their Freestyle Libre 3 system included on Medicare’s list of approved systems for coverage as soon as possible.

Reference: Abbott Media Room

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