Omnipod and iPhone – Insulet corporation has made it possible

Omnipod and iPhone

Many of us already know that Omnipod is a well-known tubeless insulin pump technology, but what we may not know is that OmniPod is a brand of Insulet Corporation.  

OmniPod overview for those who don’t know about it already: 

This is the only automated insulin delivery system that integrates with Dexcom G6 and now Dexcom G7 as well. It has a tubeless insulin delivery system where a tiny pod holding some insulin is attached to your body and you can simply take your doses with just a command from your compact controller, anytime anywhere. You don’t need an injection or a tube for this. 

Moreover, Omnipod uses a SmartAdjust™ technology that automatically retrieves your glucose values from Dexcom G6 or Dexcom G7 and automates insulin delivery.  

Please choose the pod wearing time wisely, as a single pod can be worn for up to 72 hours. 

Omnipod and iPhone compatibility: 

Omnipod 5 when integrated with a Dexcom G6 is now compatible with your iPhone. Insulet has recently announced a limited market release. This means you will now be able to see information about your personal, your friends or your family’s insulin delivery right on your phone.  

This application can be found on the App Store with the name Omnipod VIEW. Requires you to have iOS 11.3 or later and will take 49.6 MB of space. 

Any Podder can share their insulin information with their loved ones and upon accepting this invitation, the viewer can monitor the Podder’s therapy-related information.  

This information includes alerts, alarms, insulin that is still active in the body, the last dose of insulin, the last blood sugar reading, the battery status of the Omnipod manager, and more. 

We at CGM Monitors have Omnipod 5, Dexcom G6, and Dexcom G7 all available in our stock – available at economical prices and delivered to your doorstep. Direct Pay and Bill to Insurance, both options are available.  


Please be Extra Cautious If you’re only relying on the phone’s app (Omnipod VIEW). This is in the test phase and can have outages.  

The compatibility between Omnipod and iPhone is currently in a limited market release phase. We may need to wait for this Omnipod compatibility to reach its final phase.  

Just in case you are looking to opt for your Omnipod or Dexcom device, feel free to have a Free Benefits Check 

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