FDA Approved Abbott Lingo Biowearables – the No prescription CGM

Abbott Lingo Biowearables

Can we buy a CGM over the counter?

Yes, now you definitely can. Abbott has made it possible for you!

Some athletes and fitness conscious people are not dealing with diabetes but still want to control their sugar spikes for added fitness and want to buy a CGM device in this regard.
Abbott has been working on this and has now brought in the option of buying a CGM device named Lingo OTC glucose monitor which recently won FDA clearance as well. This has just been approved after almost 2 months of Dexcom’s Stelo (over-the-counter CGM) approval.

Type 2 diabetes & no insulin

There are numerous people out there who are living with type 2 diabetes but are not on insulin yet, these individuals can also get benefit from this over-the-counter CGM. Abbott lingo biowearables will simply notice their metabolism and then give a daily target accordingly. So, using Lingo can actually be a precautionary measure.

Is Lingo available in any other country?

Yes, Lingo was launched by Abbott in the UK last year, after the success of which the company decided to expand it and now the wait is about to end for people in the US as well. This bio wearable glucose monitoring device known as Lingo will be available for sale over the counters.
It was projected by both the companies, Abbott and Dexcom to add about 200,000 non-insulin users but they have been able to add approx. 300,000 non-insulin users. One of the reasons behind this could be the sense of prevention in people’s minds due to which they are buying this CGM device as a healthcare product.

Note: The launch date of Abbott lingo biowearables has not been confirmed yet, however, Abbott claims that this will be launched in the USA during summers 2024.

Don’t want to wait and don’t have CGM covered under your insurance either?

No worries! In case you don’t want to wait and simply want a CGM right away. You may check your required CGM device on CGM Monitors. We have the option of Direct pay, which means you can simply make the payment using your Debit/Credit card as well.

What to expect from Abbott lingo biowearables?

24/7 monitoring of your glucose data sent directly to your phone. And yes, no charging is required.

  • Life: One sensor lasts for 14 days (about 2 weeks).
  • Accuracy: Built on the same proven technology, thus providing accurate and real-time results.
  • Discreet: The sensor is so tiny that you won’t even feel wearing it.
  • Water-resistant: Go swimming or take a shower or even go out for a walk while the sensor is on – no problem.


Abbott lingo biowearables will help people evaluate their glucose levels and adjust their activities accordingly. With the help of this over-the-counter CGM, you can monitor your glucose levels 24/7, check out the daily trend charts on your phone and enjoy better health.

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