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Omnipod Dash Pods 10 Pack

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Omnipod Dash Pods 10 pack offers a convenient, tubeless insulin delivery system for diabetes management

Each box comprises 10 tubeless Pods for insulin transfer.

Pods are for one use, removing the requirement for tubing changes.

Pods are water-resistant and suitable for activities like swim and bathing.

Permits for personalized insulin delivery adjustments through the PDM.



Omnipod Dash Pods 10 Pack are an essential part of the Omnipod Dash System, planned for person management diabetes. These Pods deliver tubeless insulin delivery, confirming liberty of movement without bulky tubing. Each Pod is throwaway after use, streamlining insulin management without the necessity for fill-ups or tubing changes. They mix flawlessly with the Omnipod Dash Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM), permitting users to modify insulin delivery settings for personalized care. With a water-resistant design, Omnipod Dash Pods 10 Pack proposes consistency during activities like swimming or bathing, increasing suitability and assurance in everyday diabetes management.

How it works

Applying Omnipod Dash Pods is simple:


Clean the application site


Peel and stick the Pod firmly onto the skin


Activate using the Omnipod Dash PDM


The Pod delivers insulin automatically for up to 3 days


Replace with a new Pod as needed for continuous insulin therapy

Key Features:

Tubeless Freedom

Enjoy freedom of movement without the hassle of tubing, making every day more comfortable and convenient

Modified Care

Modify insulin delivery settings to suitable your exclusive lifestyle and insulin needs, confirming ideal ease and control

Continuous Integration

Fluently synchronize with the Omnipod Dash Personal Diabetes Manager for spontaneous insulin control and management

Water-resistant Confidence

With an IP28 rating, sense assured during water-related activities like swimming without disruption.

Disposable Convenience

Just use each Pod once and dispose of it, removing the want for fill-ups or tubing changes

In what way does the Omnipod Dash System vary from outdated insulin pumps?

The Omnipod Dash System is tubeless, which means it does not need tubing that links the insulin pump to the infusion site. This proposes superior independence of movement and removes the bother of handling tubing.

Can children and adults use Omnipod Dash Pods?

Yes, Omnipod Dash Pods are appropriate for both children (ages 2 and above) and grownups handling diabetes. They deliver a suitable and customizable insulin delivery solution for all ages.

Can Omnipod Dash Pods be worn during exercise and physical activity?

Yes, Omnipod Dash Pods are planned to be worn during exercise and physical activity. Their water-resistant design permits users to be involved in numerous actions without negotiating insulin delivery.

How can I dispose of Omnipod Dash Pods after use?

After eradicating a used Omnipod Dash Pod, it should be disposed of according to local regulations for medical waste disposal. The Pods are planned to be wasted sensibly after each use.

Can I travel with Omnipod Dash Pods?

Yes, users can travel with Omnipod Dash Pods. It’s recommended to carry extra Pods and insulin supplies in case of unexpected delays or emergencies during travel.

Latest reviews

  1. Anna Johnson

    I love the Omnipod Dash Pods 10 Pack for its convenience and ease of use. The pods are easy to apply and remove, making my diabetes management much simpler.

  2. Peter Brown

    These Dash Pods are incredibly reliable. I’ve been using them for months now, and I haven’t had any issues with insulin delivery or pod failure. The adhesive is strong, ensuring the pod stays in place comfortably for the entire duration of wear.

  3. David Adams

    Wearing the Omnipod Dash Pods gives me the freedom to move without worrying about tubing. They are lightweight and discreet under clothing, allowing me to exercise, swim, and sleep comfortably. The design is sleek and doesn’t restrict my daily activities.

  4. Sarah Taylor

    The customer support from Omnipod has been exceptional. They are always responsive to any questions or concerns I have about the Dash Pods. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and improving the user experience is evident.

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