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Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Kit

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The Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Kit delivers compact, continuous insulin.

Tandem Mobi is driven by Control‑IQ technology

It can assist in keeping blood sugars in range by utilizing CGM values

It expects glucose levels 30 minutes in advance and automatically regulates insulin transfer

It comprises automatic correction boluses.

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Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Kit, the world’s tiniest, strong insulin delivery system, is now delivered in the United States. Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Kit is an innovative method for people living with diabetes to have the life-changing assistance of Control-IQ technology, a similar technology that helps make Tandem the #1 suggested pump brand. The Control-IQ innovative hybrid closed-loop automatic insulin delivery feature, clear for use by people with type 1 diabetes age 6 and high, forecasts and supports to avoid high and low blood sugar, and has confirmed enhanced time in ranges all over the day and night in many measured clinical trials and real-life studies.

How to use


The Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Kit, compatible with iPhones, enables continuous insulin management through a mobile app, granting users total control via smartphone, including the option for manual insulin bolusing.


This algorithm uses CGM data to monitor glucose levels and, in conjunction with an AID system, adjusts insulin delivery every five minutes to maintain stable glucose levels and optimize time in range.


In addition to more than 30 remaining infusion spots and tubing length mixtures, users of the new Tandem Mobi insulin pump will also have a briefer 5-inch tubing choice.


Uses up-to-date wireless charging technology and is capable of receiving distant software updates, ensuring seamless performance enhancements and feature additions.

Key features:

Sensor Compatibility

Well-matched with the Dexcom G6 Sensor (CGM) System. Extra CGM sensor blend is planned, with Dexcom G7 in the second quarter of 2024.

#1 Rated Control-IQ Technology

Practices values from a Dexcom G6 CGM to expect glucose levels 30 minutes in advance and automatically regulate insulin, to prevent highs and lows.

Flexible Pump Control

The clear 200-unit cartridge provides a visual indicator of the remaining insulin, allowing users to easily monitor their dosage levels without interruption.


The pump can submerge in water up-to 8 feet deep for 2 hours, ensuring reliability in various conditions to provide peace of mind to active lifestyles.

Clear 200-unit cartridge

The Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Kit includes convenient physical button that allows to administer a bolus of insulin directly from the pump, eliminating the dependency on iPhones.

Is tandem Mobi water-resistant?

The pump is waterproof to a depth of 8 feet (2.4 meters) for up to 2 hours (IP28 rating) when a container is full, but it is not water-resistant. The pump should not be worn while swimming, scuba diving, surfing, or during any other actions that could immerse the pump for an lengthy period.

How long does a tandem battery last?

A full charge will naturally last between 4 and 7 days, depending on your use of CGM and the link mobile app.

Will Tandem Mobi work with Android?

Apple iOS versions 16 or 17 (including all minor informs) Android OS versions 12, 13, or 14 (including all minor updates*)

Is Tandem Mobi tubeless?

A goal of this design is to let people existing with diabetes modify the method they wear their pump with each casing change, and switch between tubed and tubeless wear outlines, to finest suit their personal favorites and lifestyle.

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  1. Emily Johnson

    I just received my Tandem Mobi last week and it’s working fine. Loved the fast delivery by CGM Monitors.

  2. Michael Smith

    Tandem mobi is definitely a nice option for anyone who is looking for an insulin pump.

  3. Sarah Williams

    Received my order before I even expected. Love the fast service of CGM Monitors.

  4. David Brown

    An economical option. CGM Monitors has good inventory I would say.

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