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An innovative yet sleek sensor that can be comfortably worn on skin.

Alerts and alarms

2 hours warmup time

User-friendly design

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The Guardian Sensor 3 is an innovative monitoring of glucose continuously that has been manufactured for diabetic patients. It provides its users with seamless and accurate monitoring experience. With its pioneering technology, this amazing device forms glucose levels every 5 minutes, distributing real-time data that allows users to make up-to-date decisions about their health. 

Additionally, Guardian 3 has a long transmitter range. It enables seamless communication with the MiniMed 770G and 670G series pumps, providing users with a comprehensive and integrated diabetes management system. 

Advanced features of Guardian Sensor 3

With its alarms and warnings, this device confirms that users stay well-versed about their glucose levels, permitting them to take active measures to preserve optimal health.

The device comes with a short warm-up time of only 2 hours. It allows users to monitor their glucose levels swiftly, enabling them to integrate Guardian 3 into their routines.

By transmitting data to the smart device and web-based CareLink data-management software, the Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3 helps in tracking their glucose levels.

Guardian 3 is accepted by both adults and children, making it an adaptable solution for the users. The Medtronic 770G system is appropriate for ages 2 and above.

Identifying the importance of ease and suitability, Guardian 3 has been created with user-friendly features that improve the overall experience.

How to Apply CGM on Body?

Medtronic CGM system is worn on the body.
To apply it, follow these steps:


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and dry them properly.


Choose a suitable insertion site. The abdomen is a commonly recommended.


Open the Guardian Sensor 3 kit and get the sensor, transmitter, and applicator.


Hold the sensor applicator at a 45-degree angle to the skin and gently press it.


Activate the sensor by following the instructions provided with your system.

Important point!

Using medications containing acetaminophen, like Tylenol™*, fever reducers, or cold medicine, while wearing the Guardian sensor 3 can lead to incorrect elevation in your sensor glucose readings. The extent of inaccuracy varies based on the quantity of acetaminophen in your system and can differ for individuals. Always verify the label of any medications to confirm the presence of acetaminophen. 

Guardian Sensor 3 for sale

Numerous people strive to find efficient platforms to purchase Medtronic Guardian sensor 3. They can buy this remarkable product from pharmacies upon a doctor’s prescription. Many online platforms such as CGM monitors are also there to provide you with original sensors at affordable rates. If you want to buy it on your insurance, you can take this opportunity without any discomfort. 

However, you must meet the insurance criteria for this purpose. 

Why us?

Auto refill options available for our dedicated customers.

Worried about the price? Here are some affordable deals.

We cover the sensor under your insurance for your ease.


The Guardian Sensor 3 is an advanced and accurate monitoring of glucose intended for diabetic patients. With its innovative features, with actual monitoring, warnings, and alarms, it allows users to make informed decisions about their health. The device has a short preparation time, continuous data transmission to smart devices and software, and is appropriate for both children and adults. 

What are the advanced features of the innovative and astonishing Guardian Sensor 3?

The Guardian Sensor 3 offers alerts and alarms for glucose levels, a short 2-hour warm-up time, automatic data transmission to smart devices and CareLink software, and approval for use in both children and adults.

Why should I buy my Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3 from CGM monitors?

We offer insurance coverage for the devices, auto-refill options, free shipping across the USA, and the most affordable Guardian Sensor 3 price compared to the market. We prioritize customer convenience and satisfaction.

Is the Guardian Sensor 3 suitable for children? At what age children can safely use it?

Yes, the Guardian Sensor 3 is approved for use in both children and adults. The Medtronic 770G system is suitable for ages 2 and above, while the Medtronic 670G system is appropriate for ages 7 and above.

What are the major benefits of the Medtronic Guardian Sensor 3 that enhance its value?

The Guardian Sensor 3 provides unrivaled accuracy with continuous glucose monitoring every 5 minutes. It offers enhanced convenience with compatibility with two transmitters and a long transmitter range, ensuring a seamless connection with insulin pumps.

Is it possible that I integrate the Guardian Sensor 3 with my MiniMed pumps?

Yes, the Guardian Sensor 3 seamlessly communicates with the MiniMed 770G and 670G series pumps, providing a comprehensive and integrated diabetes management system.

How does the Guardian Sensor 3 revolutionize diabetes management for patients?

The Guardian Sensor 3 offers unrivaled accuracy, advanced features, and a user-friendly design. It provides precise and up-to-date information, empowering individuals to make timely decisions regarding their diabetes management, ensuring optimal health and peace of mind.

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  1. Ethan Bailey

    I couldn’t find sensors for my Medtronic 670G Pump after my previous Supply company misled me about insurance coverage. Their poor customer service made me switch to CGM Monitors.
    Thank you, CGM Monitors, for providing excellent service to me!

  2. Mason Bennett

    Arrived right away. Correct product.

    Great service but the process was complex.

  3. Madison Barnes

    It was very easy and glad it was.

  4. Lily Allen

    I’m over the moon that I found CGM Monitors to order my Guardian sensors for my Medtronic 770G pump. Dealing with Medicare for insurance at this age is tough, but CGM Monitors saved the day. Forever grateful to them! 🙌😊

  5. Jacob Adams

    Medicare denied my request for Guardian 3 sensors before my Europe trip. CGM Monitors came to the rescue, saving me from three months without sensors and avoiding a $610 expense from Medtronic.

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