Freestyle Libre 3 vs Dexcom G7 A Comprehensive Comparison


Introduction Similarities of Product Features and Benefits Cost and user Experience Mobile App Compatibility Pros and Con’s Conclusion Introduction: If you’re in the market for a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device, you’ve likely come across the Freestyle Libre 3 and the Dexcom G7. Both are popular choices among diabetes patients as they look for more […]

Abbot Freestyle Libre 3 Review 2023 -How is it More Effective Than Other CGM?


Abbott unveiled its latest CGM on October 6th, 2022, the Freestyle Libre 3. It includes an important upgrade. The older systems used “flash CGMs,” which meant you had your phone or tablet close to the sensor to take a reading. The new version sends data straight directly to your smartphone.   It took me over a year to […]

All you Need to Know About Freestyle Libre 3 


  What is the Freestyle Libre 3? How Does it Work? What are the Advantages? How Much will this Product Cost You? Conclusion FAQ’s    No More traditional fingerstick blood glucose testing Yes you heard Right Presenting You The latest and most innovative Glucose Monitoring system, referred to by the name Freestyle Libre 3 system, […]

What can you learn about diabetic Shock?

Diabetic Shock refers to blood sugar drops that are dangerously low. It is a severe form of Hypoglycemia that needs emergency treatment. Individuals can enter a diabetic state if they do not get immediate medical attention. Hypoglycemia could occur suddenly, even if a person is following their glucose treatment plan. It is vital to understand […]