Uncovering The Causes And Solutions For Freestyle Libre False Low Readings

Freestyle Libre false low readings


Do you want to know the reasons behind Freestyle Libre false low readings? Looking for appropriate solutions for false reading of freestyle Libre? Here is a detailed answer to your questions.

In this blog, we will discuss causes and solutions to the false low leading of your Freestyle Libre device.
People with diabetes rely heavily on accurate glucose readings to manage their condition effectively. The Freestyle Libre glucose monitoring system is a popular choice for many individuals because it provides continuous readings without the need for fingerstick.

By checking the real-time data of blood glucose levels, many diabetic patients can devise an efficient treatment plan. If this device shows false readings, the diabetes management plan may go disturbed. People mostly complain about Freestyle Libre false low readings instead of high readings.

This post will uncover the causes and solutions for false low readings with Freestyle Libre.

Causes of false low readings

False low readings occur when the glucose monitor indicates a lower glucose level than the actual glucose level. This error is more common in freestyle Libre 2. There are several common causes of Freestyle Libre 2 False Low Readings.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Sensor placement issues
  • Compression lows
  • Temperature-related errors

Sensor placement issues

Poor sensor placement can cause false low readings. For example, placing the sensor on areas with much body fat, such as the upper arm or thigh, can lead to compression lows. Alternatively, inserting the sensor in areas with a lot of muscle, such as the calf, can result in false lows due to muscle contractions.

Compression lows

Compression lows occur when the sensor experiences pressure, such as when sleeping on the sensor or wearing tight clothing over the sensor. It can also happen when you fall on the ground, and your body weight is shifted to the sensor. The sensor regains its normal function if it does not displace or break.

Temperature-related errors

If your Freestyle Libre Sensor is not reading your blood glucose level properly, the temperature can be one of the reasons. Temperature-related errors occur when the sensor is exposed to extreme temperatures, such as very hot or cold.

You must be careful when you stand beside a burner. You must also avoid exposing the sensor when the temperature is too low. It works properly if the temperature remains between 50℉ to 113℉.

Solutions for false low readings

We know that if your CGM device is not working well, you face a big problem monitoring your blood sugar levels. Fortunately, there are strategies that people can use to minimize the risk of false low readings. Some practical tips for sensor placement include:

They are avoiding areas with a lot of body fat or muscle. For instance, avoid inserting the sensor on the calf and upper thigh.

Use proper techniques when applying the sensor, such as ensuring the area is clean and dry before application.

Rotating sensor sites to prevent pressure injuries.

Additionally, recognizing and responding to compression lows involves removing the pressure on the sensor, such as by changing position or loosening clothing.

Avoiding temperature-related errors can be achieved by storing the sensor within the recommended temperature range.

Freestyle Libre 2 false low readings at night

Although there is no relation between inappropriate readings and night, however, some people experience false low readings at night. Many users are curious to know the reason as well as the solution to this problem. One of the most common reasons for this problem is compression lows. The sensor can withstand pressure without showing any false fluctuation.

However, if the pressure exceeds to a great extent, it can alter the functional behavior of the sensors. It results in falls low reading for the reader.

The best solution to resolve this issue is sleeping on the alternate side. You can also place a pillow behind that prevents you from lying on the side where the sensor is attached.

Buy Freestyle Libre 3 for more accurate reading

False low reading problems are primarily seen in freestyle Libre 2. If you want to avoid this problem permanently, freestyle Libre 3 sensor is the best option. It is designed to provide significant ease to the users. It is also more accurate than its previous version.

You can purchase this innovative and error-free device from our website. We provide you with high-quality Freestyle Libre 3 starter kit at a reasonable price.


Freestyle Libre false low readings can be frustrating for people with diabetes who rely on accurate glucose readings to manage their condition effectively. The causes of false low readings include sensor placement issues, compression lows, and temperature-related errors.

However, practical solutions are available to minimize the risk of false low readings, including proper sensor placement techniques, rotating sensor sites, and avoiding extreme temperatures.

Additionally, for those experiencing false low readings at night, adjusting sleep positions or using a pillow for support may help alleviate the issue. For those looking for a more accurate and innovative device, the Freestyle Libre 3 reader is a recommended option.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common causes of false low readings with Freestyle Libre?

Causes include poor sensor placement, compression lows, and temperature-related errors.

How can false low readings be prevented?

Avoid placing sensor in areas with lots of body fat/muscle, use proper application techniques, rotate sensor sites, and avoid extreme temperatures.

What can cause false low readings with Freestyle Libre at night?

Compression lows are a common cause. Sleeping on the alternate side or using a pillow behind can help.

Is Freestyle Libre 3 more accurate than previous versions?

Yes, it is designed to provide more accurate readings and can be purchased from their website.

Why is it important to address false low readings with Freestyle Libre?

False readings can disrupt diabetes management plans, so it is important to identify and address the causes to ensure proper management of the condition.

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