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  • Introduction
  • Does Freestyle Libre 3 Hurt
  • Does Freestyle Libre 2 Hurt
  • Common Physical Problems Faced by the Users of Freestyle Libre
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Many people ask on the internet, ‘does freestyle libre hurt?’. It means numerous people are curious to know the worse impact of Freestyle Libre 2 and Freestyle Libre 3 on their bodies. In this article, we have resolved nearly all the queries about this device being painful or not.

Freestyle Libre is a remarkable innovation among diabetic patients. A continuous glucose monitoring system helps you analyze your sugar levels throughout the day. The best part is that it provides real-time data and the trend of your blood sugar levels. This device has a compact design that makes it easy to use for people.

It comes with a small yet accurate sensor inserted into your skin and plays a vital role in measuring blood sugar levels. It stocks firmly to your skin to accurately measure your blood glucose.

Installing the Freestyle Libre sensor is a highly comfortable and easy task for diabetic patients. You do not have to prick your finger whenever you want to check your blood glucose. Once you insert it with the help of an applicator, you are good to go for 14 days. However, this tool may cause some pain and skin irritation. Such cases are insignificant yet present among users.

Let us get into the detail of this concern of the users.

Does Freestyle Libre 2 Hurt

Freestyle Libre 2 is one of the most commonly used CGM systems among diabetic patients. Its sensor is a small oval-shaped device designed to make it comfortable for users. It has an adhesive base that makes the sensor attaches to the skin firmly.

Numerous people think that Freestyle Libre 2 hurts when installed. The patient may feel pricking pain as it inserts into the skin. However, it is insignificant. Some people complain that the sight of the sensor attachment hurts them, but when they remove it, they become normal. Some users also suffer from skin irritation and allergy, but it lasts after a few days.

Does Freestyle Libre 3 Hurt

Freestyle Libre 3 is one of the most modern devices of Abbott. It is designed to give people a remarkable user experience and significant ease. The sensor of this device is more compact and sleek than that of freestyle Libre 2.

The adhesive material has also been updated to avoid skin irritation and allergies. It comes with fewer complaints as compared to Freestyle Libre 2.

Common Physical Problems Faced by the Users of Freestyle Libre

Here is the list of Freestyle Libre users’ most common physical problems.

  • Skin Irritation
  • Muscle Aches
  • Bruising
  • Competent Solutions
  • Clean the surface
  • Use allergy-free patches

Skin Irritation

When the sensor is applied, some people feel irritation. It can be due to multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the person is allergic to the adhesive material of the sensor. Moreover, if the user does not clean the surface before applying the sensor, it irritates them. It is because the adhesive material interacts with the dirt, making you uncomfortable.

Muscle Aches

Many people complain of having muscle aches after applying the sensor. However, the device is restricted to insert into the skin. However, the pain refers deep to muscles. One of the common reasons for this problem is the tightening of the muscles when the sensor is inserted.


Bruising is also a common problem faced by Freestyle Libre users. It happens primarily due to pressing too hard while installing the sensor. The pin in the sensor may pinch a vessel underneath the skin, forming a bruise.

Competent Solutions

The Freestyle Libre 2 users mostly look for competent pain, irritation, and bruising solutions. They can adopt the following tactics to avoid these problems.

Clean the surface

Before applying the sensor to the skin, they must clean the surface appropriately. Washing is necessary. You can use any detergent for this purpose. After this, you need to dry the skin well. It sustains the stickiness of the adhesive material for a long time. Also, remove the hair at the application site, as they reduce the sticking life of the sensor.

Use allergy-free patches

Considering people’s allergies and skin irritation problems, some manufacturers have made allergy-free patches. Users have to apply these patches on the skin. Above them, they can install the sensor quickly. In this way, they avoid skin irritation problems.

Freestyle Libre 3 is the best solution

One of the best solutions to all the problems associated with freestyle Libre 2 is Updating your CGM device. Freestyle Libre 3 is the best option for diabetic patients. This innovative device has shown only a few pain and skin irritation cases. It is also considered to be more comfortable to apply.

You can purchase this fantastic CGM system from our website. It is a reliable platform for purchasing numerous continuous glucose monitoring systems.


Freestyle Libre is a revolutionary device that helps diabetic patients monitor their blood sugar levels continuously. While it is generally easy to use and has a comfortable design, some users may experience physical problems such as skin irritation, muscle aches, and bruising.

These problems can be avoided by cleaning the skin before applying the sensor, using allergy-free patches, and upgrading to the newer Freestyle Libre 3 device.

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