The Ultimate Guide To Preventing Freestyle Libre Sensor From Falling Off

Freestyle Libre Sensor Falling Off


Is your freestyle libre sensor falling off? Do you want to know the reasons for that? Do you want appropriate solutions that avoid Freestyle Libre 3, or Freestyle Libre 2 sensors fell off?

Here in this article, we will discuss why these sensors fall off from their place. We will also talk about some efficient tips to avoid their falling.

Freestyle Libre 2 and Freestyle Libre 3 is one of the most useful devices for the diabetic patients. It monitors your blood glucose level continuously. This device help you devise a better management plan for your diabetes as you can analyze the trends of your blood sugar levels.

The system is designed considering the convenience of the users. It is highly user-friendly. It comes with a sensor that you need to install in the back of your arm. The sensor measures the sugar level in your interstitial fluid. The sensor of the Freestyle Libre 3 reader device sticks firmly to your skin. It does get off even from heavy jerks. This small tool is also waterproof.

Hence, you can easily swim and do other activities that require water encounter. Even though the sensors of Freestyle Libre attach firmly to your skin, they may fell off due to multiple reasons.

Reasons Freestyle Libre sensor fell off early

Sometimes Freestyle Libre Sensors fall down without any warning. Let us discuss some common reasons that cause these sensors to fall early.


Although the sensors are waterproof, sweat has can harm its adhesive material. Primary function of the adhesive is to keep the sensor in its place. If you sweat excessively, the moisture can loosen the adhesive hence displacing it from its site of attachment.

In hot weather or during exercise, you may need to take extra precautions to keep the sensor secure.

Skin irritation

Some people may have sensitive skin or an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the sensor. It is not included in the primary causes of sensor falling. However, the patient itself removes it due to itching. If you experience redness, itching, or other skin irritation, you may need to try a different type of adhesive or consult a healthcare professional.

Poor placement

If the sensor is not placed on a flat, dry area of skin, or if it is placed too close to a joint, it may not adhere properly. Some users also fail to use the applicator properly that result in poor placement of the sensor.

You need to take appropriate measures if you want to stick the sensor firmly to your skin. Make sure you follow the instructions in the manual for sensor placement carefully.

Oil or lotion on the skin

If you apply lotion, oil, or other products to your skin, it can make it difficult for the sensor to stick. It is because these chemicals interact with the adhesive component and change their chemistry. Make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying the sensor.


Clothing or other objects rubbing against the sensor can cause it to come loose. Try to avoid tight clothing or clothing with rough textures in the area where the sensor is placed.

How to keep Freestyle Libre sensor from falling off

Users always strive to prevent Freestyle Libre Sensor from falling. They look for beneficial tips that can help them in this regard.

Here we have mentioned some amazing tactics to keep your sensor in place for a long time.

Shave off  your hair

The adhesive chemical of the sensors does not remain stick to the hairy surface. Therefore, you must shave off your hair from the skin before installing the sensor. After shaving you should also make it dry appropriately.

Clean the area & keep it dry

Dirt interacts readily with the sensors. That’s why you must clean your skin suitably before you insert the device. You can wash it with detergent after this dry the surface with towel. After this you can gently apply sensor over the skin.

Smooth the edges by pressing

Sometimes, edges of the sensor come off the surface of your skin. It is because you do not paste it properly. When you insert the device, smoothen the edges by pressing them with the help of a blunt item such as; back side of the spoon.

Avoid going in water for one hour

Although freestyle Libre is a waterproof device. It does not fall off due to interaction with water. However, you must avoid going in water for on hour after applying it. It is because the adhesives may take this long to stick tightly to your skin.

If Freestyle Libre sensor fell off early, call the company

The functional life of freestyle Libre sensor is 14 days. After this the chances of its fall increase, tremendously. However, if it falls early, you can call customer support of the company. In such cases, after freestyle libre sensor fell off replacement is mostly on the company.

Freestyle Libre 3 sensor is more reliable!

Early fall off problems is mostly seen in freestyle Libre 2. It is because it is the older version having some drawbacks. Abbott has improved its quality in this regard. Now, Freestyle Libre 3 sensor has a compact design with great quality of sticking to your skin.

If you want to avoid early falling issues, freestyle Libre 3 is the best option. You can purchase this device from


Freestyle Libre 2 and Freestyle Libre 3 are important devices for diabetic patients to monitor their blood glucose levels. However, these sensors may fall off due to various reasons, including sweating, skin irritation, poor placement, and friction.

To avoid early falling, users can shave off their hair, clean and dry the area, smoothen the edges, and avoid water for one hour after applying the sensor. If the sensor falls off early, customers can contact the company for replacement. Additionally, the newer Freestyle Libre 3 sensor is more reliable and has a better quality of sticking to the skin.

Frequently Asked Question

What are Freestyle Libre sensors?

Freestyle Libre sensors are small devices used to monitor blood glucose levels continuously. They are used mainly by diabetic patients to analyze their blood sugar level trends and devise a better management plan.

What are the reasons for Freestyle Libre sensors falling off?

Some common reasons why Freestyle Libre sensors fall off early include sweating, skin irritation, poor placement, oil or lotion on the skin, and friction caused by clothing or other objects rubbing against the sensor.

How can I keep my Freestyle Libre sensor from falling off?

Tips for securing a Freestyle Libre sensor are to shave the area, clean and dry the skin, smooth edges, avoid water, use Freestyle Libre 3.

What should I do if my Freestyle Libre sensor falls off early?

If your Freestyle Libre sensor falls off early, you can call customer support from the company. Replacement is mostly provided by the company for sensors that fall off before their functional life of 14 days.

What is the difference between Freestyle Libre 2 and Freestyle Libre 3 sensors?

Freestyle Libre 3 has better sticking quality than its predecessor, making it an ideal choice. Buy it at

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